Saturday, May 15, 2004

First Date without Having to Drive 200 Miles

As I just barely arrived in Portland with my uHaul full of personal items and have temporarily been living with Daniel and Dalynn (Will's brother and wife), I was excited to take a break unpacking and go on our "first" date while living in the same city together.

It was really exciting that Will was able to come and pick me up after only driving a few miles. It sure makes you not take things like close proximaty for granted.

We went to our singles ward's "Oscar Night" where they judged all the short films that the various FHE groups had made. We were supposed to show up looking like celebrities. So we went to a Goodwill store and bought some pretty flashy stuff - haha. We were trying to go for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, you can see we are a far cry from any resemblence. But we had so much fun!
Below: Does Will look like he is a member of a boy band? Hehe

Below: The "Paparazzi" - Daniel and Dalynn"

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