Monday, May 10, 2004

Jenni's Move to Portland

After months and months and MONTHS of what seemed like endless roadtrips back and forth between Seattle and Portland to see each other, sometimes at crazy hours of the night just to see each other for a few minutes - I finally made the decision to move to Portland to be closer to Will. Well, and he asked me to move. :)

Obviously this decision would not have been made unless there was some sort of promising aspect to our relationship. We have, on many occassions, discussed our relationship and where it is going. We have talked about marriage quite a bit and want to try this relationship at a local distance level.

And we both agreed that since Will is still in school at Portland State University, it would be best for me to be the one to make the move.

This decision also came after I had been searching in the Seattle area for months for a second part time job. My job search continuously came to deadends. But my first interview for a job in Portland ended up them offering me the position. If that isn't a big hint from Heavenly Father that I needed to move to Portland, then I don't know what is.

The move will be happening the weekend of May 15th, and my first day of work will be May 17th. I will be a receptionist/administrative assistant at Flightcraft at the airport - which is the smaller private airport where the private jets land.

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