Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day in My Life {Video Blog}

My life has changed so much since becoming a mom this past year, and I'm still learning how to juggle everything. Here is a glimpse into a day in my life as a professional musician, wife, and mother.
I don't claim it is exciting - but it is real, and it is honest.


Kate said...

That was so fun! Thanks for sharing. I laughed when Will came around the corner at the end and then hid again right away! I also loved Preston's dancing to your music. Too cute.

Dan Thomas said...

I really liked part three of your day and seeing you make your music. Your Lullaby Album puts me to sleep most nights. It even works on old men. I can see Will's eyes when he was a little boy in Preston. I also think that is where much of his dancing ability come from. He is a neat combination of you and Will.

Lori-ann said...

I chuckled at that part too, Kate! The dancing was super cute. I'm actually surprised that he sat there all content on your lap while you played the piano. I haven't been able to seriously play for a LONG time because whenever I get on, the kids take over and kick me off. When they were babies they would pull my hands off and get all mad at me. And they won't even let me sing along with cd's! The nerve!!!

This was fun to watch. Thanks for taking the time to tape it, edit them, and share!

Kaylene said...

That was so fun to watch!

Steve and Ileana said...

Ditto to all of the above...

Jenni, it is fun to not only read about your lives but to see it also on video. Hopefully there will be more installments to come.


Aby Runyan said...

You may not remember me too well. I'm Jeff's wife. I found your blog through Renae Eddy's blog.
I really loved this video series, such a great idea and so well done. It felt a bit like a blast to the past for me - back when I only had one little running around. Those days seems SO far away!
One thing, you've talked about weight loss a lot. You're still nursing, and I betcha that's what's holding you back. My sis-in-law couldn't lose a pound when she was nursing, it was the same with each of her 3 kids. Then when she stopped, it came off easily (with normal exercise). So cut yourself a break.

luvs, aby