Monday, August 17, 2009

Preston's Blog: Part 1 - Boats!

Jenni's Note: A fun memory from this day trip, after we got off the ferry and started driving over on the Olympic Peninsula, Preston pushed out a nice one in his diaper. Immediately, all windows were down and everyone in the car was going "Ewe!!!!". We pulled over immediately and said diaper was forthwith removed. Poop was flung. Cute little striped outfit was officially soiled. Baby was distressed. New diaper applied, poop wiped, smell dispersed, clean clothes put on, happy baby, and once again pleasantry appeared on the roadtrip.

Fun memory #2: Me recovering from a 3 day fluke of some type of stomach bug. Lost 5 pounds though (just one more flu until my goalweight!...ok kidding...that is a movie quote). Check me out in that Cheesecake Factory photo...I was still feeling pretty sick, and look how ghostly white I am in the Seattle Center pic with Michele. Oh, no, wait, I'm normally that white.

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The Thomas Family said...

Cute post! I can't believe how old Preston is looking. He looks so old walking around like a big boy.

Lori-ann said...

I can't believe how red his hair is! He is super duper duper cute. Ah.. wish I could see him again.

Steve and Ileana said...

Oh, I miss Seattle!! Preston is so cute. It seems like just a few short weeks ago that he was just starting to walk, and now look at him! Also loved the poopy story, hilarious.