Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Will on the News

If you want to see Will running in his cute little runner shorts on Seattle's King 5 News, check out this article and video:

Will's Notes: Okay, Jenni beat me to the punch. I was going to blog about this but she probably knows me too well.

Our friends down the street run an internet addiction retreat. It's somewhat similar to an alcohol & drug detox center, but it is specifically for people with internet, video gaming, texting addictions, etc... Well, since I'm somewhat free during the day with lack of employment, I've been helping out a couple times a week with fitness and outdoor recreation for their patients. Trying to find fun, alternative outlets that they can enjoy once they return to civilazation to keep them away from their technology addictions.

I've been lucky as their 1st patient used to run cross country and track, so we've been doing lots of trail running and hiking. He is also an amazing violinist in which Jenni has sat down with him and done some work with him on his violin.

Anyway, since internet addicition retreats are still somewhat of a new thing, they have been garnishing plenty of press lately. This was a clip from our local & regional NBC affialiate. They have also done interviews with and local radio stations.

Thanks babe, for being so good & quick to post this! I don't know how you keep up so well with your umpteenth blogs. You make me look like a slacker as I still have blogs from a year ago that I started and never finished or never started.

Maybe I can learn from you. As long as we don't have to enroll you in this program.


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

You are famous! Well, sort of!

Steve and Tammy said...

Ok, at first I thought you were joking, since that link goes to an article about internet addiction that doesn't mention Will at all.

Then I watched the video and saw the brief clip of two cross-country runners. The guy in front looks like it's probably the kid who is addicted to the internet, but the guy running behind him looks like he might be Will.

He should have been wearing a Jennifer Thomas Music T-Shirt, free advertising! ;)

Jenni said...

Sorry for not explaining it very well babe! LOL. Yeah so everyone, Will is not going through the internet addiction recovery program himself, in case you opened up that article and thought that - hhahahaha but maybe I need to go. ;)

Lori-ann said...

Yeah, the article totally threw me off too. But that's totally awesome what Will is doing! You can barely see him, he's so fast...

Lori-ann said...

I do have to say that the word verification code I just had to type to post that last comment was "fatie." That's not very nice, Blogger!

Dan Thomas said...

Will we are very proud of you. Sometimes we are really blessed for voluntering.