Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Part 2: Christmas Morning

In case I failed to mention earlier...

A certain someone took a certain liking to Grandpa's chair over the holidays.

In fact, if Grandpa was sitting in Grandpa's chair, this certain someone would come over to him and stand right in front of him and say in the sweetest little voice, "Chair?....Chair?".

Grandpa of course thought that it meant Preston wanted to sit on Grandpa's lap on the chair.

No siree, Grandpa.

What it really meant was Preston wanted Grandpa to get up and out of his chair so that Preston could sit in it all by himself.

Grandpa booted. Preston king of the chair.

Next was Christmas morning...

Preston got his very own basketball hoop for Christmas this year, to complete his obsession with anything round, ball-ish or resembling a circle.

He now has his own "ball ball".

I betcha didn't know you could throw stuffed dogs through basketball hoops too, didya?

Preston also got plenty of matchbox cars, tiny miniature balls, and I think we counted 3 dumptrucks.

It was such a boy's Christmas.

Mommy got to read the entire Twilight series over Christmas break (even though she swore she would never read those books), which made her dream of vampires almost nightly.

At least they were attractive looking vampires, right?

And Preston got to read many books in Grandpa's chair as well. With da blankie.

Did we mention that Preston has a favorite blanket and must sleep with it every night and if you try to exchange it for a different blanket it will get thrown out of the crib with a big "Nooooo" in protest?

(Favorite blankie pictured above, on favorite Grandpa chair).

And that's all for our Christmas photos! Now for 2010!


Carolyn said...

Thank you for being with us at Christmas. It was extra special being able to watch Preston with all the Christmas excitment. We love you!

Dan Thomas said...

Looks like everone was happy Christas morning.

Kristi said...

I am so glad to see that he will one day become a famous nba star. He is the most ball obsessed little boy. I love it. WE found a hoop at the di when sitani was 10 months old. Still today it is the best $10 I have ever spent.

Karen said...

We took my grandson, Tate's, blankie and cut it into four pieces exactly the same so if he ever lost it, we would have a replacement. Four minature blankies--they're much easier to carry around when they're smaller. At least one lives at my house all the time :)