Friday, January 15, 2010

A Confession and an Announcement

I have a serious confession to make.

I'm not really a blonde. I'm a natural born redhead. Okay, actually, natural born strawberry blonde.

My mother has red hair. My Grandfather had red hair. My Great-Grandfather had red hair, and even 3 more generations up had red hair. Our son Preston has red hair. My younger brother has red hair.

I have been putting blonde highlights in my hair since...hmmm...

(You know it's been a while when you can't remember).

Well, I'm here to tell you that the last time I put blonde highlights in my hair was last June. I remember because it was right before we went on a 3 day camping trip over to the Olympic Peninsula and my hair looked particularly light and summery in all of those pictures (as seen below).

Here is me today:

That is my natural color. At least, the first 5 inches of it.

It's getting to the point where I either need to do an all over dye to bring it all back to strawberry blonde, or I need to put more blonde hightlights in it.

But I can't. I won't.

I'm stuck with roots for the time being because...

Surprise! It's our Christmas surprise baby! (we found out Dec 10th)

And there you are.

A very good reason why one should avoid using hair dye and why I now have 5 inch roots of red hair.

And as for the rest of this story...I will entertain you with another time.

Baby #2 is due August 20th. You can follow my pregnancy journal on The Belly Diaries for all the nitty gritty female info.


Carolyn said...

I didn't tell anybody.....I was a good girl!

Karen said...

Many congratulations!! Hair dye will wait. I'm impressed you kept it a secret this long. Our grandbaby #6 came home from the hospital today to our house! Tate is 23 months old and Blake was born on Wed. They will go home to Maple Valley tomorrow after their appointment with the pediatrician. Then I get to go sleep on their floor for a few nights :)

Anonymous said...

Jenni-I am sitting here crying I am so happy for yours and Will's happy news! Congrats doll. What a great Christmas gift-and I have to confess I love your natural color it's gorgeous! I can't wait to read all the nitty gritty on the belly diaries! :)

Will and Heidi said...

That's great news! I'm excited for you!!

Chelle said...

It was a big day, indeed. Many congrats coming your way! (And my word verification for this was "Labor" - funny, huh?) Oh, and congrats to both of you on Will's new job too - that's awesome.

Aby Runyan said...


Ahhh August. I know it well seeing as I had two babies in that month. It's HOT. I narrowly escaped it this time and will be having a baby in July. Which is still hot, but not AS hot.

Hot, hot, hot.

Wait, you live in Seattle! You'll probably escape the hotness. I'm jealous.

luvs, aby

PS - if you missed my main point because of all the ramblingness of my message, it was CONGRATULATIONS!!

Jenni said...

hahaha thanks Aby! And congrats to you too!! That's awesome.

Well, even though Seattle is famous for being quite mild, for the past few summers it gets over 100 in August. Our apartment last summer was 98 degrees inside. The worst part is there aren't very many homes with A/C because we dont' ever need it.

Steve and Tammy said...


And as for your confession: I already knew. And always thought you should have stuck with the natural color, since it's the perfect shade of red for hair.

Of course, I want to reiterate: Congratulations!!

Bri said...

Yea Jenni! So happy for you! Congrats on the baby and We also wanted to say congrats on Will's new job! We need to get together sometime, maybe we can have you guys over at out house if you have a night free for some games!

Kristi said...

Congratulations. I actually heard over Christmas time. How exciting

McLaughlin Family said...

I love the red hair, I think it looks great! I secretly wish I was a redhead.