Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ducks, Babies, and Birds.

We've had lots of fun lately.

Dad has gone back to work, and so this means while the cat is away...the mice will play.

Preston and I have been trying to get outside to enjoy the nice weather we've had every day. It has felt like Spring time!

We went to the lake to see the ducks...

I couldn't quite get Preston to feed the bread to the ducks. Instead, he fed himself.

Then, on Friday, we got to watch a cute little niece named Gwenevere while her parents had a night out on the town.

Meal times were quite comical.

And this is how it was done:

It was like watching little birds chirping at the mama bird waiting for food to be dropped into their mouths. Who knew these kiddos loved mac'n'cheese THAT much.


On Saturday, we returned little Gwenevere to her parents, and then they watched Preston for us so that we could go do our...

We had planned to do this little race back before I was pregnant, and decided that we would still do it as long as I was feeling up to it.

I was.

It was an orienteering race. That means you get a map and you have to go around and find all these hidden checkpoints.

When we were registering for the race, there were 7 different courses that you could do, all ranging from easy to hard. Will asked me which one I wanted to do, and being that all the courses were listed in kilometers, and being the complete math idiot I am...I couldn't figure out the kilometers to miles translation in my head and so I just said "I don't know, what do YOU think we should do?"

"We'll take course number 7 please!", Will says.

The longest one of course. 18 checkpoints in all.

We did great though. We won first prize for last place. :) We made a pretty good team though. While Will usually trudges off into the bushes trying to find the markers, I am more logical about where they would be placed. Together, we were able to find them more easily. We got 17 out of 18 markers, hiked more than 5 hilly miles, and were seriously the last ones to the finish line.

Aside from having to detour once to find an outhouse, and me gracing the woods twice with likewise "bathroom" trips, It was fun. Though, I probably won't be doing another adventure race for quite a while. Will was so stoked I actually did one with him that he was telling me about these races that are 24 hours long and you have to find your markers in the dark and stuff. Whew. Baby steps, baby steps.

The video below is an exciting depictment of breakfast Saturday morning with the two little baby birds.


Carolyn said...

Oh how cute! Did Preston want to pick up the ducks?

Didn't you know that someone else's food always tastes better than your own?

Way to go Jen, on the orienteering course! Now if Will ever gets lost, you will be able to go find him!

Sandy said...

Wow! I want some Corn Chets, too! Yeah for you, Jenni. I'm so proud of you to go along with Will and even let him pick out the course. You're pretty brave!
Don't I have the cutest grandkids???? I think so! I'm glad cousins are getting sleep overs already. Way to go, kids!

Luke said...

Sooo fun! Sleepovers and Adventure Races!! That adventure race sounds so fun. Maybe Luke and I should come up and do one together. I think that would be so fun!

Those kiddies could not be any cuter. Looks like you guys are all ready for 2 permanently. :)

I think it's a unspoken rule for kids that Mom and Dad's food is always better then their own. All three of our kids still prefer our food over theirs.

Luke said...

BTW that was me Jenn.

McLaughlin Family said...

Now, THAT is a BOWL of mac-n-cheese! Wow! LOL. I would have eaten the whole thing. Preston is too cute!!!

Steve said...

Congratulations! Last place is better than no place at all, so good for you for doing it despite your "delicate condition" :)

And congratulations to Will on finding employment. It really looks like things are finally starting to pick up in the economy.

All the best!