Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chocolate Lover's Paradise

Yesterday I got a very special package in the mail.

You see, sometimes, business transactions are not about money. They are about trading services. You have something I want, and I have something you want so let's figure something out.

Of course getting paid for doing work is always great. But sometimes when in the music biz, trading talents is equally valuable as money.

I have done several trades over the years. I'll teach your kid piano lessons if you babysit my Preston. Or, I'll add orchestration to your song if you would sing vocals on mine. If you do artwork for my cd cover, I'll play the violin for yours. I'll let you use my song in your ski film if you send me a new pair of skis.

Trades are great. Everyone wins.

Well, I just experience the coolest trade ever.


A big huge box full of Swiss and German Chocolate.

Several weeks ago, a woman named Marion from Switzerland wrote me and told me that she really wanted to purchase my sheet music, however she wasn't able to do a monetary international transaction, and wondered if she could instead send me a box full of Swiss chocolate.

I only had to think about that for about 2 seconds before I said Um Yes.

So now I have enough Swiss chocolate to last me for at least a year, and a new lovely friend in Switzerland who is playing my music on her piano.

Here is a better shot of all the diferent varieties of chocolate she sent me. The coolest one by far I have tasted is the chocolate covered strawberry yogurt bar. Delish.


Carolyn said...


Lori-ann said...

Oh my! I recognize some of those from my European treks. Wow... they are SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD! You lucky, lucky girl!

Anyone want to trade with me for actually good chocolate? ha ha! Of course, I better eat it all soon because after my baby is born, no more chocolate for me for at least a year. YUMMM... Ok, must have some chocolate now...

Marissa and Scott said...

Oh my goodness! That is so creative and awesome! And all those yummy ones you can't find in the States. Oh, you've got to be in heaven! :)

Sandy said...

I'll be right over. What can I trade you for.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm-what a trade!

Karen said...

What a great trade! Hey, if you ever need a sitter in Bothell, I'd love to trade for a CD OR chocolate!! (I found a Lindt Choc. outlet in Lebanon, NH where our son lives. I always bring an empty suitcase when I got to visit because their dark choc. truffles are the best!) Actually, I'd watch Preston anytime for FUN and I do need to buy your CD. xoxo