Thursday, February 18, 2010

Utah in a Flash

In case you were wondering where we've been for the last 8 days...

Actually, it wasn't a vacation at all.

Will's dad had some complications from Parkinsons and Alzheimers Disease and the family was afraid that he may pass soon. So many of the the kids (including us) went to UT to be with Dan while he was in the MICU at the SLC VA Hospital.

And then, miraculously, he improved. He came out of his coma and started making small improvements each day. He is now out of the ICU and into a regular hospital room and trying to recover day by day.

It was great to see a lot of Will's family, even if it was for downer circumstances.

We didn't take many photos on our trip, for obvious reasons. In fact, the only pictures we took were on the day we visited Temple Square.

Aside from spending time at the hospital, some things we did get to do were:

Visit with the Cunninghams

Visit my brother, Mike, and his family

Will went running up some canyon where he chased some herd of elk and got lost, and 3 hours later told me he would be home soon.

I got to play my dream piano - a Fazioli. I drooled.

Go to Temple Square.

We got to hang out with our friend Michele and watch lots of movies and eat lots of ice cream :)

We got to read lots of billboards, see and experience lots of rude crazy Utahn drivers, see it snow and be completely unprepared for it with the way we were dressed, see the Joseph Smith movie at the JSMB on temple square (and I cried lots), go to some fun new restaurants (Cafe Gelato, and, um, can't remember the name but an Italian Restaurant at the Gateway Mall), and visit family.

We are happy that Dan is recovering slowly but surely. And we are also happy to be back in the Northwest.

Going on impromptu trips can seem endless when you didn't pack enough underwear, clothes, diapers, shampoo, or you forgot your cellphone charger. Thanks Michele for letting us crash with you for an over-extended stay :)


Sandy said...

We can never thank you enough for making the trip and being with us at this rough time. I know it made a difference for Dan and for me. Glad you had some good times while there. We love you!!!

Carolyn said...

We are so glad that Dan is starting to recover....and glad that your trip was safe....and especially glad that your home!

McLaughlin Family said...

It was my pleasure having you guys here!!! It was super fun visiting and I loved hanging out, playing pianos, eating yummy food, eating even yummier ice cream, watching movies, giggling and just having a lot of fun. I'm also very glad that the circumstances of your visit turned out well. Hope to see you again soon!!!