Friday, February 5, 2010

Rest in Peace

It was a sad, sad day.

I do aplogize that you had to see our kitchen garbage with all of our delightfully disposed foodage, but I wanted you to see the final resting ground for my absolute favorite pair of flip-flops.

Even though I do own a large collection of various flip-flops, because they are the staple of my shoe wardrobe, these were my favorite.

As you can see, they suffered much injury this week. And even though I'd been able to salvage them back to life in the past from other various accidents, not this time. Sadly.

So it with a heavy heart, that I bid these fair flippies good bye. As well as the great heights I acheived (5'9") while wearing them.

I still refuse to wear shoes though. Even in the rain.


Will and Heidi said...

Looks like you got some good use out of them, though! Whenever this happens to me I always wish that I could go back in time and buy 2 pairs of the shoes/sandals that I loved so much!

Chelle said...

RIP cute sandals.

Carolyn said...

I'm just grateful that you didn't break your neck falling down the stairs!

Tessha said...

Farewell dear friend.