Saturday, April 17, 2010

Will's 100 Mile Race Video

I have slacketh off no more.

Here is Will's official race blog post. Video below, it's about 10 minutes but it pretty much sums up the whole weekend.

If you don't want to watch the video, then here are a few snapshots...

Preston asleep in the car as we were zooming to and fro race watching and the campground.

Preston running after Papa.

Preston and I waiting for Will at the start/finish

The town of Port Gamble, WA (where the race was)

Uncle James pushing Gwenevere and Preston in the swing.

Preston and Papa.

Our friends Mike and Briana

Gwenevere, Elizabeth, and I

Preston checking out the tent

James making apple cobbler...yummmm.


Loralai's Mommy said...

Jenni what a fantastic video documentary of an amazing accomplishment! :)

Will and Heidi said...

Wow 100 miles is a lot!! I am totally impressed! Great job

Tessha said...

Thanks for the video. I was curious how they worked out the details, but a lap system make sense.

I'm glad there weren't any bears, just the hybernation one.

Kristi said...

So I'm so far behind on blogs. Wow. AMAZING. that is crazy. Seriously I need to run at least one mile. wow. I'm gonna brag to everyone. :) You deserve a bowl of ice-cream.