Thursday, April 1, 2010

Preston's Playtime

I just wanted to post a few things that Preston has really been into lately....

He can climb up onto the piano bench all by himself. Usually he'll play a few notes, but mostly he likes to use the space between the white and black keys as a parking garage for his Hotwheels cars.

He loves to wear glasses. He'll wear Will's sunglasses around, and then he has his own pair of Spiderman glasses. But here, below, you see him in a pair of movie 3D glasses (from when we went to see "Avatar"). A Woody Allen look-a-like? LOL

This is a race track for his cars. He will put it on top of our coffee table, then climb up onto the table and race them. He loves this. We don't love him on top of our coffee table though.

He's definitely ALL boy. Anything that is a ball, car, truck, bus, train, or airplane...he LOVES.

Although, surprisingly, the other day he and I went to go visit my friend Kate and her two little girls (age 2 and 3). They had a little doll with a doll stroller. He pushed it around for like 30 minutes. No joke. And he would come up to me and say "Baby!". It was really cute. Haha.

He is also a really good talker. He jibber-jabbers ALL. DAY. LONG. He's getting really good at repeating words that we say to him.

He's really such a good little boy. He has his moments of course, but on the whole he's pretty mellow. He gets super excited when Will comes home from work in the evening. We have a chair next to a window that he climbs up in and looks out and says over and over "Papa? Papa?". Actually, he says that quite often throughout the day and I have to continually remind him "Papa's at work". Then he says "Car?" and I say "Yes he's in his car". LOL I think Preston thinks that Will just drives around in his car all day long because he sees him leave in his car in the morning.

Once Will gets home in the evening, it's Daddy-Son time! They love to do a lot of physical play and Preston just giggles and loves it. I think Preston really misses Will being home every day.

Anyway that's all for now!


Cupcake Dreamer said...

I'm sure you are right. Preston misses daddy during the day. :)

Lori-ann said...

And I bet YOU miss him during the day too. :) My kids loved putting their cars in the keys of our piano too, especially N. I love it when they enter that parrot phase, repeating everything you say to them. My gosh - I love that!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

He is one cute boy!