Monday, January 3, 2011

...and we're back!

Hope you all had a great 2010!

We just got back from a 2 week trip to Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. We had good times, and LOTS of photos were taken (we got a new camera!! It was way needed...our old camera was 6 years old and dying) and we are obviously super behind on our blog.

But due to a humungous amount of photos, all of our bags still lying on the living room floor, loads of dirty laundry needing to be done, and more...

Blogging will have to wait.

But here are a few photos to tie you over until I do have time to blog properly...

This picture seems to say it all. Look at everyone's expressions:

Another photo worth a smile...Taylor in a Bumbo for the first time and loving it.

This next one is pretty self explanatory:
One happy Preston with one Thomas the Train toy and pajamas.

One sleep deprived Papa at the SLC Childrens Museum:

And one lucky me who found a spot next to the elevators to let Taylor sleep and close my eyes too.

Oh, and we're moving at the end of January. More on that to come. Until then...

Later alligators. :)


Dan Thomas said...

I am glad you are back! How did Tayler travel the other direction? Get the launry done and send some more pictures soon.

Dan Thomas said...

I know how Taylor spells his name. I am afraid I don't do a very good job typing left handed.

Carolyn said...

Can't wait to see the rest of your photos. It looks like you had a great trip. We missed you!