Sunday, January 9, 2011


Will, Preston, and I are sitting at the dining room table eating toasted cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch. Will and I are busy having a conversation about what was going on that week, and I noticed Preston kept getting down from his chair and running into the kitchen and then coming back.

I just ignored it for a few moments, and then Will got up to spy on Preston to see what he was doing.

He would take a bite of his toasted cheese sandwich, then run into the kitchen and wipe his hands on the dishrag, then come back, sit down, and take another bite...and then go back and wipe his hands off again.

Haha. We knew that he didn't like having sticky hands, but thought it was pretty funny that he felt the need to go wipe the grease off of his hands after every single bite.

We gave him a napkin after that.


Dan Thomas said...

Arn't you glad Preston knows about napkins!

Carolyn said...

You need to put napkins on the table!!