Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happiest 7 month old ever!

Happy 7 months Taylor! (and happy St. Patricks day to the rest of you!)

Taylor just started talking, a.k.a. "babbling" yesterday. It is sooooo worth you watching this video. And this was just when he started, he's improved his skills even moreso since filming this short video. Every time I try to put him down to sleep now, he wants to practice his newfound skill instead.


James and Elizabeth said...

I love the video. Gwenevere wasn't much of a talker and I LOVE baby talk. So cute.

Sandy said...

Professionally speaking, I'd say there's a very good /g/d/n/ with /p/k/ and /y/ emerging. Vowels /a/ and /e/ are in place nicely. He's mixing vowels & consonants appropriately. So, he's difinately on target for his age. Other than that ~ isn't it fun!!!