Sunday, August 28, 2011

Date Night: Josh Groban

We had a date night, and I have to say it was a long time in coming.

I don't know if it's that we've been uber-busy, or that we've expired our babysitters out on using them on music days rather than date nights (thus didn't want to ask again). But the fact remains that we were desparately in need of a date night and so when it came, we were very excited.

I told Will months and months ago that I really wanted to go to the Josh Groban concert when he came to Seattle. He came here a couple of years ago and I so regret not going.

So did my man deliver or did he deliver?

YES we went to the Josh Groban concert!

We first enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Seattle Center food court while people watching all the downtown weirdos, then headed over to the Key Arena for the concert.

It was a great concert. I was especially excited to see Josh perform because I have been a long time fan. I attended his PBS filming in Los Angeles several years ago and actually ended up on his DVD special footage, which you can see below...

So it was great to see him again in concert. It was neat to see how he had really "come into his own" over the years. His music and voice have evolved and he is still one of my favorite musicians.

Here is some video footage that I took of the concert. Enjoy...

While we were enjoying ourselves being crooned to by Joshy, the boys got to stay home with a fun and rare babysitter - Aunt Tessha. She is here visiting for the week, and she had a great time with Preston and Taylor. And I was pretty impressed that she was able to get Taylor down to bed without a fight. That is talent.


Dan Thomas said...

Aunt Tessha IS a very special Aunt! I bet the boys had fun and were loved!

Renae said...

Wow! What a fun date night. Someday... I loved watching the video, although I've gotta say, I can't get over his pants. Totally didn't expect that. Were they leather or stretch jean? I can't tell.

{Shields Family} said...

Looks like you both had a fun date night! I love Josh Groban's music too so it was nice to see that you were able to go. I love your family photo at the top of your blog too. VERY cute family you have! :)

James and Elizabeth said...

glad you enjoyed your date night.