Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm a Train Guy

A little preface to this post: Our 3 year old, Preston, deems himself a "train guy". If you tell him he's cute, or handsome, he'll immediately reply with "No, my a train guy!". He gets rather upset if you call him cute, actually.

I have taken Preston to see the train tracks downtown several times in the past week, and on a few lucky occasions we've seen trains go by. I have told him that one of these days we would get to ride on the train as well.

That day finally came.

Preston's cousin, Gwenevere, and Grandma Thomas were here to visit last night and we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to go and ride the train!

And what was even more special, was that cousin Gwenevere brought along matching "Thomas the Train" tshirts for the kids! Preston was so excited that he snuggled his tshirt in bed last night and first thing this morning, he brought it into me to put on (we told him he had to wait until today to wear his shirt - in an attempt to keep it clean).

Here is he watching for the train...and probably naming everything he sees. He can tell you what kind of train it is, how many freight cars, and what color.

They had to get their maps, of course.

And then patiently wait for our train to arrive.

This little dude was as snug as a bug in a rug. Just chillin'.

This is the face of a girl who wants me to give her more fruit snacks.

All aboard!!

Oh it was so exciting...

The train attendant asked us if we were the party of four going to Stanwood, and we said yes! She brought out papers for the kids to color on and was so nice to us. Apparently we were the only ones on the train who were just going on it for the fun of it.

Once we arrived back to Stanwood, there was a big freight train parked and Preston was very curious about what it was doing. I told him it was sleeping :)

Oh, and yes, I do need to get my hair cut and colored. Thanks for noticing my roots and crazy hair. It's on the agenda in a few weeks.

After our adventure on AmTrak, we went to McDonalds.

The kids all had so much fun that they came home and took naps. Life is bliss.

And thank you Gwenevere for the Thomas tshirts!


Carolyn said...

I bet that Preston "the train guy" will remember that train ride for quite a while! How fun!!

Annalea said...

What a fun time you guys must have had . . . but Jenni, I don't think you should color your hair . . . I love your natural color. So many girls would KILL for that strawberry blonde!

And if Prestons still loves trains when he's older, you guys should come up here. We've got one of the longest trestle bridges around, and TONS o' trains. There's even an Amtrak station in town. ;o) We get about 25 trains/24 hours here at our rental, and about 4/day out at the building site. Very picturesque, but kinda loud here at the house. lol

Dan Thomas said...

Looks like all had fun! Gramdma said she was going to do some spoiling. Looks like that happened.

James and Elizabeth said...

Gwenevere picked out the shirts all by herself. When going shopping for Taylor's birthday presents she said she wanted to by him clothes. hahaha She is ALL GIRL!

I'm so glad she has super cute cousins who love Thomas the Train as much as she does.

Daniel L.Thomas said...

I think it is great that Preston loves trains. Every little boy needs something they are passionate about.