Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So my two dresses arrived today.  I tried them both on and took photos. I posted the pics on my Facebook, asking for a vote.  I would say out of the 70 people who have left comments so far, 90% like the black one based on the photos only.  

However, to see the dress "in person", I had Will and my Mom make a couple of videos of me walking in the dresses.  I think this gives a better idea of what the dress looks like and how it moves.

I personally love the blue one.  But it's hard with so many people saying they love the black one. It almost makes me second guess myself, wondering well should I go with the one I love or the one that people say I look better in?  But also people are only judging the dresses off of 2 photos is all.  And it's not always easy to know what the dress truly looks like from a photo.

Anyway. You be the judge.


Aby Runyan said...

I didn't see the Facebook vote (because I'm hardly ever on Facebook), so this is my first vote.

I hands down vote for the blue dress. It's gorgeous and reminds me of a dress I used to own. I got more compliments on that dress than any other I've EVER worn. No joke.

Plus, I really think you should go with the dress YOU love. If you love what you are wearing you will be SO much more self confident. And in the end, self confidence is the absolute most attractive thing you can wear.

luvs, aby

Dalynn said...

I say go with the one you love and feel best in!

Carolyn said...

You look and feel more confident in the blue....besides it is classy and elegant. And having seen them both in's definitely the midnight blue dress.

If you can afford it, buy them both, and save the black one for another time.

Dan Thomas said...

I vote for the blue one!

Aby Runyan said...

Jeff, Capri and Rome all vote for the blue one too!

luvs, aby

PS - I did not coach them on that answer. In fact I wouldn't tell them my vote until after they had watched the video and decided for themselves.

Sandy said...

Not only do you love the blue one, I think it looks the best on you. The black one looks fun and frilly but all the ruffles add to the width of the dress whereas, the blue one looks longer and adds the your heighth, not your width. But, then that's just my opinion.
Whatever you wear you will look beautiful! You always do!!

Jenni said...

Thanks for the comments you guys - I really appreciate the feedback! :)

Annalea said...

I love them both (but would probably choose the blue one, if I were you). Honestly, I'm just so glad for you that you have a chance to buy a gorgeous dress NOW, and not wait until you've reached your goal. I've found that there's nothing for weightloss like doing something to make yourself feel gorgeous right. now.

Love the blue one!!! (Even though the ruffles on the skirt of the black one are serious fun! :o)

Wessman's said...

First off, you look AMAZING! You can really see the results of all your hard work!

I love the black one, I think it is very fitting. Of course go with what you think is best and will be most comfortable.

Good luck!

Marissa said...

Both are gorgeous on you, but I think you look more comfortable in the blue one, so that gets my vote. Have so much fun! :)

Tessha said...

Midnight Blue