Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving - A Taylor Post

(Watch the following video)


(Rollerskating Video here)...



James and Elizabeth said...

I love your Christmas tree.

Chelle said...

Looks like the perfect Thanksgiving with your family, minus the scratched nose incident. Boys are adorable, tree is beautiful, post was super cute!

Carolyn said...

It was a fun few days.....hope that we can do it again before too long. Taylor was the "hit" of the party!

Aby Runyan said...

What a beautiful room! I LOVE that picture (or maybe it's an actual painting), SO gorgeous!

BTW - Jeff is a police officer for Kansas City. It is NOT his dream job and he is hoping to not do it forever. In fact he is job searching now. He's been with the force for nearly five years without a single pay increase. Right after he finished the academy, there was a wage freeze put on the KCPD. It's still in effect. Needless to say, that's been tough. The KCPD is the last police department to actually still be state run (it goes back to mafia corruption back in the day). It needs to be changed to city run, but there's no hope for that on the horizon.
We lived in Burbank when we were first married and Jeff tried to break into acting. He was an extra for a while and was on a lot of shows. But he was unable to ever get a good agent and go any farther. Then we had Capri and I quit working. We moved to Palm Desert which was about 20 min. away from my parents. Jeff took a job working with my Dad for a year. When that job was done we moved to Missouri since that is where Jeff's family is and where he grew up.

luvs, aby