Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boys Bachelor Weekend

With Jenni in L.A. for the weekend doing music stuff. It just left us boys here at home to play. The weekend started off early for the boys as they got to be spoiled by Grandma & Grandpa Southworth. Then I went and picked them up and we've played hard the last two days. Each night they have crashed early. I wanted to send some pictures to Jenni throughout the weekend, so that she wouldn't miss the boys as much. I've been posting pictures to facebook for her to see, but for those family members that aren't on facebook or don't check it often, I thought I would post some of those pictures here. Jenni will be so proud of me for blogging.

Naptime and 15 mile run. Who said boys can't multitask?
We've only gone inside to eat cold cereal and mac & cheese today. 

With no Momma on duty, we get to go down the big slide, whatever way we like.

Big kid swings all around. Lots of firsts today.  
Props to Papa for matching socks. Same color = a match right?

Yep, he got up there himself and yep, he now realizes that wasn't the best idea.

All that hard work equals Happy Meals at the Golden Arches.

Proof that Baths were taken & teeth were brushed.
Only set the smoke detector off once while attempting breakfast.

Not all of us are excited to be heading to church.


James and Elizabeth said...

Lol I love the blog looks like a fun weekend.

Dalynn said...

We always find times with Papa to be some of the best!

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness, you Blogger???? I love you! And nice church outfits on the boys LOL :) sounds like a great bachelors weekend!

Jenni said...

I meant you "blogged". You know what a horrible texter I am from my phone.

Daniel L.Thomas said...