Monday, April 16, 2012

Week in Review

I miss the days when I would blog more consistently, and they were actually creative and fun to read.  

Now you just get the "Week in Review".

I'm really not normally this crazy-busy-super-swamped working woman, but as I'm nearing completion of an album I've been working on for the past 4 years, it is a busy time right now.  I would tell you all about it, but I fear your eyes might glaze over and you would fall asleep on me.

So with that said, moving on.  Here is life outside my music craze.  The guys who support me and deal with my phase while holding onto the hope that one day soon I will reemerge and be a normal person again.  I can promise that soon that will be a reality.

Will ran a trail marathon last Saturday.  And even though he had the flu and a cold, he still insisted on running the 7,000+ elevation gain race.  

He got 2nd place.

The boys and I met him on the trail near the end, so that Preston could run the rest of the race with him. You can see how excited he was waiting for Papa to come running through...

I would also like to add, that every time Taylor sees a man running down the road, he says "Bapa! Bapa! Bapa!".   Any time. Any where.

Preston has really been enjoying our spring weather here in the Seattle area. I told him that he would know it was spring when the flowers came out, and so he's been having so much fun picking dandelions and daisies everywhere.

The boys and I had fun at the park the other day...

 And fun at Costco...I actually combed their hair that particular day.  Got lots of compliments from the checkout ladies admiring my little men.

 And here we are tonight....

Preston got a buzz cut tonight.  I was hoping to show you, but he is possibly the hardest person on the face of the planet to photograph.  The percentage of pictures I get of him actually looking at the camera is very small.  So here, you get to see his book instead of his face.

And then we have Taylor, who is a total ham in front of a camera lense.


And here is moi, who rarely gets in front of the lense and when I do it's a horrible mobile phone self portrait only to prove that yes, I'm still here, I'm still alive, and still smilin'.

Recent Highlights:

- Taylor has been my #1 helper lately.  Loves to help me put the silverware away when I empty the dishwasher, helps pick up books in his room, and also feels that he is helping when he throws the clean laundry off the side of the stair balusters.  

- Preston has become a lover of drawing pictures for everyone. It's neat to see his art skills improve.  He enjoys drawing firetrucks, and the letter "P" and "T" (for Preston and Taylor).  He wanted to mail one of his drawings to Grandma Thomas, and took it with us in the car on the way to the gym and requested I stop by our mailbox so he could put it in.  If I were a better mom I would have stuck in an actual envelope with a stamp, but instead the mailman got a nice present.

Recent Woes:

-  Boys are totally in a fighting stage.  Taylor is actually the instigator quite often. He has a fiery little personality.  I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with situations that arise between the boys as they adjust to sharing a room together.

- Not a woe, but a funny:  Tonight after Taylor had a bath and I got him in his pajamas, Preston then got into the bathtub.  Taylor LOVES his baths, and was jealous that Preston was in his bath now.  He leaned over and fell into the bathtub fully clothed in his pajamas.  He wasn't too happy about that.  So onto pajama pair #2.  

Upcoming Happenings:

- Grandma Thomas (and Grandpa too?) is coming this weekend to help with a dress for an upcoming photo shoot.  James and Elizabeth will be coming up Friday night too. It's going to be one huge par-tay!

- Next weekend I fly down to Los Angeles to perform at three different gigs in the LA/Hollywood area. One is a pre-party at a movie studio, another is a formal concert at the Swedish Church, and the other is the Indie Music Channel Awards.  I'm also meeting with a possible new PR person, as well as a filmmaker I worked with last year. I'll be gone on my "business" trip for 4 days. Will calls it a "Fun trip", but I am working.  Really I am. Now if I could find some practice time before then, I would be ecstatic.

And that's a wrap.  Now I must go wake up Will, who fell asleep on our bed after he got home from work in his work clothes. I don't think he would be too happy to wake up tomorrow morning realizing he was still in yesterday's khaki's and button-down shirt. Poor guy has been sick and is still recovering from his marathon.  He hath hitteth the wall.

Post Edit:  New pictures from the race:


James and Elizabeth said...

Will your Mom watch the boys while you are gone or is Will taking off work? Do you need someone to watch them? They can stay with us for a few days if you need.

Carolyn said...

It looks like Will had a nice sunny day for his race. That's cool that Preston could finish the race with him......boys need "dad time."