Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter & He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

So, I've been nicely reminded that this is Jenni AND Will's blog and that I(Will) needed to write a blog as I haven't written one yet. So, I figured why not make a confession for the whole world to know.

Last weekend there was a bunch of hype as a seventh and final "Harry Potter" book was published and released to the public.

This final book had been anxiously anticipated among the millions of teenage "Harry Potter Fans" of the world. These Potter-manics had grown up with the boy wizard and his daring adventures with sidekicks Ron & Hermione. Each book, a new year at Hogwarts - a special academy or school for those born as wizards & witches. There they became educated in the ways of sorcery & witchcraft, just as muggles (all of us with out magical powers) are educated for a future career. Each year their magical powers getting stronger and stronger as they hone their skills to take on the evil wizard Lord Voldemort (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) who wished to overthrown us muggles and make himself the most powerful man on Earth.

This seventh and last, most eagerly awaited book was available to buy last Saturday. It was in this final book that we would find out if Harry Potter survived the Dark Lord Voldemort. Would he die valiantly protecting the wizardry world or would he run and hide from his destiny of battling the Dark Lord?

All questions would be answered in this final Harry Potter book.

So, early Friday evening, the day before this big hit was to be released, millions of these teenage Potter Fans around the world stood in lines outside books stores, dressed in their wizardry outfits giggling amongst their circle of friends, pounding down their heavily laced caffeinated coke or mountain dew, speculating what they would find on the 750 pages of this final book, watching the clock tick until past their curfew, past their bedtime, awaiting the clock to reach that late hour of midnight when the bookstores would open their doors and start selling the millions and millions of copies.

After getting their hands on that final book they would return to their safe home and in solitude spend the rest of the night and all through the day Saturday pouring through the book to find out the fate of their beloved hero Harry Potter. Shutting out the rest of the world, so that someone else who had finished the book first would not spoil the ending by giving it away before eyes had scanned every page for themselves.

It was here in one of these lines at 1:30 am we find someone that doesn't fit in.

His head clearing all the other heads in the line. He must have been a foot taller than anyone else. He looked older and even had some wrinkles on his face. His hair was starting to gray on the sides. He could almost be the parent of one of these hyped up, caffeinated teenagers. It was He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, yes, I myself, Will Thomas standing in line with a bright smile on my face, eagerly awaiting to purchase my coveted final Harry Potter book.

With me wife, Jenni, patiently waiting at my side asking me every hour, "Why are we wasting our Friday night doing this?, Why can't you come buy the book tomorrow morning?"

She, not having read the books, but only having watched the movies did not understand, she could not relate to how I or the throngs of teenage kids felt. So, again she patiently waited by my side as the line slowly creeped closer to the grocery cart filled to the brim of Harry Potter books behind the checkout, As I continue to count the number of kids in line ahead of me knowing that they were more dedicated fans to get there before me, then to estimate how many books it might take to fill up a grocery cart. Would there be enough? Did they have more books in back? These were the questions racing through my mind.

At last, wee into the night I had my opportunity to purchase my Harry Potter book.

I was as happy as a kid in a candy store. It felt like my birthday.

We arrived home, Jenni went straight to bed, I went straight for my book and the light on the night stand. I was determined like the other potter maniac teens to read through the night and all day Saturday. Even with the lack of caffeine in my system, I knew I would be able to make it.

After reading the 1st of the 36 chapters I was awoken with a pool of drool now soaking into the crisp pages of my new coveted book. I realized then that I was not young anymore and needed to pace myself. I closed the book for the night and vowed to finish it Saturday.

Come next Wednesday, I had finished all 750 pages. My eyes had read all that there was to read. I now along with the millions of teenage potter fans knew the outcome of Harry Potter. Who would have ever thought that Hermione was secretly conspiring with the Dark Lord Voldemort and that together they would kill Harry Potter and sidekick Ron and Rule the wizardry world.

Okay, so that didn't really happen, but if it did I wouldn't tell you anyway. You either have to go read the book yourself, or wait a few years for the 7th movie (or search "harry potter outcome" on the Internet or ask the next teenager you see).

So, yes, I, Will Thomas am "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" a true Harry Potter fan and I'm stepping out of the closet to let the whole world know.

This concludes my 1st ever blog. You may even get a second one from me some day!


Andy and Brandie said...

Congrats Will I too am a Harry Potter Fan I have been one since day one. I remeber standing in line last year for the movie after my car accident in the dead heat of summer. And no air conditioner in the theater. But it was great, as for this movie I have vowed not to see it. Because Andy and I want to see it together. Although I did not stand in line all night to get the book do to having young children at home. I did purchase the book the next day.

NelsonFam said...

I had absolutely no idea that you Will enjoyed Harry Potter! This is so outstanding... I was a little hurt that I didn't know something so important about my own brother.

I think I am going to need group therapy...

The Sugies said...

Okay, so I have to agree with Jen. I guess if you don't read the books then you never understand what is the Big Deal with these Harry Potter books. I have never even seen a movie all the way through except for this last one. Mom an I went and besides being totally lost to the story, I have to say that for just a teeny little second I felt the excitement. So it was really special that you fessed up to this and I am glad that you are so secure with yourself to admit it. WHAT A MAN!!!!

Daniel & Dalynn said...

Total fan too!! Now, if I can just get the girls to nap long enough for me to get through the whole thing ;)

Dave, Bethany, Taylar and Jordynn said...
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Dave, Bethany, Taylar and Jordynn said...

I read half the book one night and the other half the next. It sure was hard getting up for work. And the whole 2 days at work I keep asking myself, "Why are you so tired?" I loved your story Will. If we lived by eachother I would have stood in line with you. But why didn't you dress up? You could have totally passed as a Weasley, and probably got speacial treatment. "The front of the line for you, boy." That would be awesome!