Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jenni's Goachy Purse

Yes, that's right and I'm not afraid to admit it. While Will and I were in San Francisco, we specifically went to Chinatown so I could buy a knock-off designer purse.

I was so excited - I found the perfect purse and for 500% off what a normal Gucci would have cost!

And while I think my fashion skills are usually in peek condition, I did miss one big thing: The purse that I thought was a Gucci rendition, was not. See exhibit A.

Exhibit A - Jenni's purse

Notice the letter "G" etched into the fabric. I went through Chanel knockoffs, Louis Vuitton knockoffs only to find the perfect Gucci purse that I wanted. See exhibit B.

Exhibit B: A real Gucci brand purse

This is a picture of a REAL Gucci purse. Notice how the logo in exhibit A does not match the logo in Exhibit B.

It wasn't until one night when Will and I were lounging around with our friends Aaron and Erika, when I noticed that Erika had the EXACT SAME PURSE AS ME! But wait....her purse's letters were etched with the letter "C" all over it.

"Erika?", I asked sheepishly. "What kind of purse do you own?"

"It's a Coach. Aaron bought it for me for Christmas."

I thought for a moment, and then after realizing I had actually purchased a Coach knockoff, and one that was clearly a knockoff at that, I sadly announced to everyone, " purse isn't a Gucci. Nor is it a Coach. It's a Goachy."

Lesson learned: Though you may be saving yourself thousands of dollars by buying the knockoff, be sure it's a darn good knock off before you go around showing off your prize. Haha!


P.S. I like my Goachy purse. Hehe!


The Paulks said...


I like your "Goachy" purse. I'm so out of the loop, I wouldn't know what a real Coach or Gucci purse looked like if it was right in front of my anyways!

Andy and Brandie said...

I think that your Goachy has some cute charater about it. I love purese. I have quit a collection myself.