Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Love My Money-Managing Husband

I don't know how most couples manage their finances, but Will and I have a budget that we adhere to on a bi-monthly basis.

Within that budget, we also set aside an "allowance" for the each of us to use on whatever we want to. I usually blow mine as soon as I get it on clothes or whatnot. But Will, on the otherhand....he will invest his in the stock market so that it doubles or triples in no time at all. He has the most amazing control over his spending - like nothing I've ever seen before.

So for the last year, he was actually saving his 'allowance' for a toy he'd had his eye on for a very long time: a kayak.

TWO KAYAKS, actually ($$$$ ca-ching, ca-ching). You might think "What is so miraculous about that?" Well, hello, our personal allowance is only $30 every 2 weeks. Now do the math and consider just how long he had to save....LOL

And get this:

To pay for his "investment" (Don't worry, I also had to ask him how kayaks were an "investment" as well), he now rents them whenever we aren't using them.

And then here I am, shaking my head because I'm ever unceasingly put to shame by his finance skills over my own (is there any way I could rent out my clothes? LOL).

Here is his creative Craigslist ad - I got a kick out of it:

It's time to cool off and enjoy some of this beautiful weather. What better way to do that then by exploring our breathtaking waterways.

Have you been thinking of buying a Kayak? Here's your chance to own one for the day, weekend, or until you decide you want one for yourself. Take it out for a paddle and see if a Kayak is in your future.

What destination do you want to explore today? Try paddling along houseboats, and under skyscraper shadows along Lake Union. Explore the many parks and wildlife areas with the abundant lakes and calm rivers surrounding us. Soaking in a sunset with a paddle around Alki beach is a great date idea. Head up to the San Juan Islands for the weekend and explore all the inlets and bays.

So many people I have talked to have always wanted to try kayaking but never have because it's not a cheap sport to buy all the equipment to find out you don't like it as much as you thought. These are my personal kayaks that I bought for recreational use for my family. They are great entry level recreational touring kayaks for day paddling. I figured there are plenty of people out there that would crave the experience of paddling that's why I offer my kayaks for rent when we are not using them.

Just swing on by and I'll show you how to load them onto your car. They are extremely lightweight and fit on 95% of all cars (not the best for a convertible, and other random shaped cars).

If you're not sure where to put them in the water, I can point you to a few great local places depending on what you are looking for.

All equipment that is needed will be included in your Rental:
-Over 10 foot long sturdy & lightweight Pelican Sit-in Kayak w/padded adjustable seat & foot pads
-Fully Adjustable Paddle
-Type III certified paddling life vest
-Water repellant spray skirt to keep you and your gear dry when paddling
-Temporary vehicle roof carriers that fit 95% of all vehicles will let you go where no kayak has gone before, or just down to your nearest watering hole.
-All self rescue equipment incase your daring adventure turns upside down.

Here's your chance to do all this at rates less then what rental shops will charge for an hour:
-$25 per day per Kayak (2 Kayaks available)
-One Rental Day is considered any day you have the Kayak more than 12 hours (minimum 1 day rental)
-Discounts offered for rentals over 2 days.

Let me know what days you would be interested in. Weekends fill up fast. Give it a try! You know you want to! Email me and let me know what days you want to have fun! Pick up location is at the south end of Lake Washington near Ikea.

Now he's only had this ad posted for 4 hours and he's already rented them out for the weekend, AND has about 13 more booked. WOW. LOL


emmy said...

Do you still have those gorgeous evening dresses from concerts and performances? Those might be rentable.

Will is a great example of money management. - Hey! You could rent out your husband to speak at money management seminars.

Dave, Bethany, Taylar and Jordynn said...

I need to work for you Will. Will you hire me? I think that you are having too much fun for me not to join you. Pretty soon you will have a pelethera of kayaks. Will, I am glad that you have a blog now.