Friday, July 6, 2007

Road Rules

We work too much.

Between the two of us, we've managed to squeeze in 5 jobs. Not that we ever really intended spread ourselves that thin, but it's just how things have "worked" out. Will is up to 3 jobs - Estimator, Real Estate Agent and part-time maintenance man at the complex that we manage and reside at. Jenni is holding steady at 2 - managing the complex full time and being a professional musician.

Fortunately, we were able to take a much needed vacation this past week. Will was able to take an entire week off of work, and Jenni's summer intern covered for her in her absense. Isn't it crazy that you work a full year so that you can accumulate 1 week's worth of vacation time? I propose that America adopt a more relaxed lifestyle like the European's do. Naptime in the afternoon, at least 1 month of vacation time every year, and close the office by 3pm.

So...the whole beginnings of this trip started out with a stripper who has been driving our car for the past 3 years in Vegas.

No, we're not joking.

Just before we got married, I (Jenni) decided to sublease my brand new 2004 VW Jetta out instead of making the payments on it. Will had a car that was fully paid for, so why not? Well, we found a company that takes care of subleasing your car out for you. Somewhere in that first year we lost contact with the subleasing contractor, had no idea where my car was, and later found out the company went belly up.

Fortunately, the person driving my car was honest enough to call VW and find me and tell me he had my car. He was in Vegas and it was his girlfriend (the stripper) who had been driving the car. 2 years and a nearly-over 4 year lease plan later, the stripper decided that unless she "had a really good month", she wouldn't be able to buy the car as planned.

Enter Will and Jenni's vacation.

So last week, we flew down to Vegas to pick up the car and drive it back to Seattle. I have to admit, I was a teensy-weensy bit excited to see my car again. The beautiful charcoal grey finish, power windows, leather and chrome dash, 8-speaker stereo system, cruise control (all things our Kia lacks)...I couldn't wait to drive it again.

Vegas was hot....110 degrees hot. And two detailed cleanings, an oil change, complete disinfectant and upholstry shampooing, and dent repair later...the car was driveable. Fortunately the condoms we found in the backseat were unopened. I don't even want to know...

Here is a fine dent in my baby:

After a fun night in Vegas at The Paris, we headed to LA.

We then headed to LA and stayed with Will's Uncle Kevin and Aunt Ellen. We went to Disneyland (the castle was much smaller than I remember it being). We also toured Beverly Hills, went to Malibu and up the CA coastline. And I thought Seattle traffic was horendous...

(Will smiling it up on the Jungle Cruise ride. You know he's lovin' it.)

(Jenni in line for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride at Disneyland)(Will, the hamburger connoisseur, not so impressed with his Disneyland burger.)

We then headed up to San Francisco, up through the Redwoods, and the California Coast. I loved San Francisco! They have fir trees AND palm trees. (I've always complained that Seattle needed to plant some palm trees).
(A trolley in San Francisco)

(below: Jenni at home on beach at Crescent City, California).
(Us in front of the Palace of Fine Arts)

(Jenni by a column in the Palace of Fine Arts)(Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? It's like out of a fairytale)

Eventually we made our way over to Eastern Oregon - where Will grew up. We were able to go through the tiny town of Paisley, Oregon - population 200. We stopped in at the local diner for some milkshakes, and fortunately we were able to catch the town mechanic to fix our flat tire that we obtained while travelling over gravel roads (the only roads over the mountains to Paisley!).

(This is the high school that Will graduated from. Class of 1995 - how many in his graduating class? Nine! The high school was also the junior high.)

(Will standing in front of their old home in Chiloquin, Oregon. It's now a Bed & Breakfast. We tried to get a room for the night, but they were booked. A disappointed Will said "I know how many rooms there are in that house, they could put us in the basement!")

(We also made it to Crater Lake - the deepest lake in the United States and the 7th deepest fresh water lake in the world. Something around 1,900 feet deep! And the water color was sooooo blue - almost turquoise like Hawaii water.)

We ended the trip by swinging to my grandparents home in Pendleton, Oregon and then making it home in time for us both to get to work by noon. So back to work it is.
We'll just keep working so we can afford the vacations. :)
Till next time,
Will and Jenni

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! So fun to read about what you and Will have been up to. I loved your blog and all the pictures. I am beginning to think we are going to have to give in and get a family blog so people will know what is going on with us as well. I just want to know how you have time for it when you are juggling so many hats?!!! Crazy girl! :) By the way Happy belated Birthday. For some reason I was thinking it was later in the summer instead of earlier. I need to get a calendar to put everyone's bdays on that just pops up for me. :) Anyway, so good to hear from you. Let me know when you have new postings. Love ya-Noelle