Thursday, October 4, 2007

Back again so soon?

Well, apparently I spoke too soon on that last blog. I have a wonderful husband, who promised me internet connection today (we finally got our wireless router in the mail yesterday). And due to the fact that we both fell asleep at 8pm last night, Will decided to get up at 5am this morning to get our computer out of the box, get it all set up, and hook up the internet for me so I wouldn't have to drive 30 minutes into town to find the library to check my email. NOT that I minded! But...well, all I have to say is that it is nice to have internet at home again. And Will is going to get lots of hugs and kisses tonight when he gets home for doing that for me.

So, contrary to what I said in our last blog, it won't be as late as next week before you hear from us again. lol.

The past week has been quite interesting. I went from working a full time 40+ hours a week job, to being a stay-at-home housewife/fulltime musician. I have to say...I'm still grasping it.

My first day at home alone was Monday. I got up and finished organizing our bedroom, put some boxes away (because we do have a housefull of them lying around right now). And then I stood there and thought, "Now what?". I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. Not a microwavable Lean Cuisine or a quick bagel, but an actual sandwich - which took me about a whole 5 minutes to make I might add. Usually with my recently x'd-job, if I was hungry I would have to run home and grab something that I could take back with me, hurry and stuff it in my face and grab some gum to cover up my lunch breath before meeting with more people.

So after my sandwich, I thought "I'll go into town and do some errands."

I showered and left. Then I realized I didn't have a clue where I was going. Our new home is out in the sticks practically, and there are two towns nearby. Obviously I miscalculated which was the one I thought was the closest. Good thing I had some good CDs to listen to in the car, and particularly enjoyed looking at all of the fall leaves falling from the trees, the tractors and trucks passing me by.

Tractors and trucks? Farms? Trees? Yeah, well then I got all inspired to turn the radio over to the country station. For those of you that know me well, I'm not exactly a country music conoisseure. It's not that I don't like country, I just never listen to it. But after going to a country music concert a few weekends ago (thanks Chris and Jennifer) at the fair, and then listening to it on the radio as I was driving into town, I totally felt like a true country girl. LOL.

I went to the craft store, which I hadn't been to last October of 2006. Then I went to the grocery store, thinking I should probably pick up some groceries - but have you ever gone to the store not knowing what to get so you come home with a bunch of nothing? That was my experience. Oh and then I had to go to the post office to mail a few CD orders, and didn't know where that was. But I could have sworn I saw a small independently owned mail-it center on the way into town, so I thought I would just stop there on the way back home. But then someone called me, I got totally distracted, even missed my turn to go home and ended way out in another town on the OTHER side the opposite direction of where I was supposed to be going.

Man I was a total mess~!

Will came home that evening and said "You're acting like someone who just quit their fulltime job and you have no idea what to do now." LOL

I've been so excited to be at home now and to have the time to work on my music projects, and to finally be a better housewife. Okay I am not old-fashioned at all and neither is Will, but I think there is something special about coming home to dinner cooking in the oven and a clean welcoming house. So as part of my newfound way of life, it is one of my goals to be able to do that for Will. Today is Thursday and so far I'm 3 for 4. That is pretty far, right? Hehe.

My problem now though is that my piano desperately needs tuning. Like BAD! I can't even stand to play any of the notes on the lower register because any sort of octives make it sound like a honky-tonk bar piano. (pianos go out of tune when you move them). But I have to wait 3 weeks before having it tuned, as the piano continues to adjust to its new environment and the strings settle.

So, so far, my fulltime musican plan has kind of not started yet. LOL AND so instead I would think "Yay! I have plenty of time to work out!" And yeah...that hasn't happened either. I actually cancelled my gym membership once we decided to move out to the sticks because I thought "Yessss! I will have plenty of roads to walk on and I won't have to worry about getting jumped by any gangsta punks!" LOL (Seriously, I was afraid of that where we moved from).

But as of today, it's now our 5th day that we've lived at our new place. Monday I attempted to use our staircase and climb stairs for 30 minutes. That lasted about 5 minutes and it started to rain. And it's been raining every single day since. Today I got so excited because the sun started to peek out, but as I opened the front door - I realized it was one of those NW tricks: the sun is shining and it's raining at the SAME TIME. So my walking shoes are still sitting next to the front door, waiting for their debut on outdoor pavement. lol.

So in a nutshell: It's been kind of weird not working, but in a good way. We love our new home, but it's still a mess. We will invite you local friends over when it's finally organized and I'll make a big pot of simmering wassail (thanks to Dalynn for making me crave it now, after she asked for the recipe). Living out in the country is fun, but it's a good idea to make sure and fill up your gas tank BEFORE it gets to E.

I am SOOO rambling!

Will says hi, by the way.


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Oh reading your blog was so fun. I can't wait until i can be a stay at home house wife. Right now i have a literature research rough draft due in about 6 hours and i haven't really put a whole lot of time into it. Our house has been staying afloat thanks to James. And right now I'm checking out all the blogs instead of getting to work on my homework. Okay, So i better go. If you need a project to do just let me know, you can help me research the importance of small group therapy in urban areas and with diverse cultures. Enjoy your day!

McClains said...

We loved reading about your past few days, so funny! Good luck on moving in, it takes forever...but it's so fun to be at home! I am sure you will love every minute of it!

Kate said...

I love the new design of your blog! Very cool.