Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Grammy Update

So as a voting member of the Recording Academy, I got my ballot in the mail yesterday for the Grammy Awards in February, as did my mom. She emailed me 3 times last night (all of which I didn't read until hours later) and said "Jenni I can't find your album in any of the categories! Where is it?"

I thought, "That is odd, it should be in the New Age category."

So I went and looked through the list of entrants too. It wasn't in New Age, and so I checked Classical and it wasn't there either. And then checked most the other categories too...and it was not to be found.

"This is strange." I kept saying to myself.

So I emailed Michael Hoppe and asked if he knew what category my album went to. He wrote back and said he was surprised it wasn't there either, because he delivered it to the committee himself down in L.A. as well as one other album (which also did not appear on the list). He could only conclude that the academy is being much stricter this year on late entrances.

I don't know, there are so many politics involved that it's hard to say exactly what happened. My album was not late for entrance, but my membership was late.

So, my album will not get voted on for this year's Grammy Awards afterall. But you know what? I'm okay with that. If I was all that hopeful about it in the first place, then I would have entered it myself months ago instead of on a whim and suggestion by another artist at the last minute. Even if it had gotten in, I would have been pleasantly surprised due to the last-minute nature of its entry. I think my parents are more upset about it than I am. LOL

On a positive note though - my mom's album did get in as an entrance, unfortunately not the category she would have preferred, but she is in the Pop Instrumental category. So I will vote for her! Yay!


Fresh Blueberries said...

Ok so I know that we haven't ever really hung out or anything, and I don't know if you call me a friend, but I say that you are my friend and still brag about you to my co-workers about how talented you are. Sorry about the stupid politics, but it is still pretty cool to say you have had some connection with the Grammy's, ya know?! Also there is always next year right?
Congrates to your mom, that is sweet!

Kate said...

That's dissapointing! It seems like you have a good attitude about it though - and it's exciting your mom is on there!

Andy and Brandie said...

Jenni, I am sorry to that your album did not get in. But maybe it is a blessing, You will have many more chances and opportunities to have your album submitted. We love you and keep making the greatest music ever.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

thanks for the updates. I was wondering how everything was going. Enjoy voting for the grammy's award.

Jenni Thomas said...

Thanks for all your support everyone. Unfortunately this year would have been my only shot with this particular album, as it has to meet a release date requirement of being between October 2006 and July 2007. My release date was Dec of 06, and so it would not qualify for next year's awards. So maybe someday if I release another album...

Mama said...

No someday about it!! I'm already anticipating your next album release.

Brian & Veronica said...

Hey, I'm with "mama", you're totally going to release another album! I'm shocked it's not already out! I'm waiting patiently though! :) I hope you're doing well, especially after your performance this weekend, I hope you felt good for it! Let me know how it all went.
Love you,