Monday, October 22, 2007

I Dream of...

1. Waking up and food actually sounding yummy for once.
2. Being able to sleep through the night without peeing every 2 hours.
3. Working out again LOL.
4. Prenatal vitamins that actually taste yummy.
5. Not feeling like 8 hours of sleep isn't enough.
6. Liking the smell of Will's aftershave again.
7. Liking ice cream again. (Who am I and where did Jenni go??)
8. Buying some new pants that will actually fit so I don't have to wear sweats around the house 24/7.
9. Feeling pretty again.
10. Liking food again. Yeah, that would be pretty nice. Did I already say that?


Brian & Veronica said...

Oh Jenni,
I hear you! I hope you start feeling better really soon! I miss the good old days too. And you're right, icecream? Not good anymore? How can this be? But it's the same with me. I had some the other night and thought, "why am I even eating this?>...." Yeah, those days will return, but it sure doesn't feel like it huh? So, maybe sipping on ice-cold lemon water might help just a bit. That's what I've been doing for the past day and it seems to be helping a little....hope it lasts more than a day, although pregnancy sure throws us for a loop just when we think we've got it down! Hope you have a bearable day!

Kate said...

You may feel blah now, but the second trimester is usually much better! So there is hope your dreams will come true! haha Thanks for a fabulous day on Saturday - it was a blast!

The Paulks said...

Oh sister, I so feel your pain! I was laughing when I read your wish list. The holidays are the hardest time to feel sick! So sorry! Sometimes I wonder why women purposefully put themselves through this, and then I remember the outcome. The bad parts just seem to last way too long.... Keep trucking along, my thoughts are with you!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Yeap it sounds like you are pregnant. Boy sometimes i actually wish i could be like that. Crazy. Well, I would still like to enjoy ice cream. But someday i hope to be pregnant too. Everyone that I talk to says it is always worth it. We can't wait to hear about your next Doc. appointment

Fresh Blueberries said...

I secretly hope I am sick every month b/c that would mean that I am pregnant. I know if and when it actually happens I will probably not be so welcoming, but just think of the prize at the end and everything will be worth it.

Sorry you feel all pukey. OH and when you do like food again let me know ;)

The Sugies said...

I totally hear you with the aftershave stuff. When I was preggo with Sitani, it made me wanna barf and still to this day I get bad memories when I smell it. Yuck. Sorry Will but that stuff is a killa when you are pregnant. I also had to throw away my sweats after each child because it reminded me of how ugly I felt during pregnancy. Weird ey. In fact, I remember being pregnant on you guys wedding day and still to this day when I see me in your wedding pictures, I get that sick feeling again. It is strange huh? I wish I had the ice cream problem though cuz then maybe I wouldn't have this problem of gaining 600 lbs. hehehe. Hang in there and YES it is totally worth it and life will go on and you will get pregnant again and again and okay just take it slow and write in your journal lots and tell Will easy with the aftershave. Sorry.