Monday, October 8, 2007

FYI on who's who

Sometimes our blog is a little confusing because both Will and I post, and sometimes people are confused who is writing them. Just FYI - we changed our settings so that when Will posts, at the end it will say "Posted by Will Thomas", or when I blog it will say "Posted by Jenni Thomas".

However most previous blogs will say "Posted by Jenni Thomas" just because these new settings only effect recent and future postings. Sorry for not being better at saying who is who!

Anyway - just FYI!

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NelsonFam said...

Jenni - the bed in our blog isn't really ours - sorry. It was this really cool place we went for our anniversary called "Anniversary Inn." Imagine that.

you have to check it out It has all these themed rooms but the really cool part is the huge jacuzzi tub, waterfall shower, cheesecake, free movies, and sparkling cider that come with every room. They have them in Boise, Logan and SLC. Next time you pass by - you should stay a night.