Thursday, November 1, 2007

4 Years Ago...

This Sunday, November 4th, will be the 4 year anniversary of Will and I's very first date. We think it's pretty cool that almost 4 years later, on Monday the 5th, we will be going to see the first ultrasound pictures of our baby.

So here's to a little reminiscing...
Our very first picture together - Nov. 4, 2003 - on our way up to Mt. Erie, near the San Juan Islands, WA

Me trying to look cute for my 1st date with Will - on top of Mt. Erie after a picnic lunch. Brrrr.

Will looking all cute and warm and snuggly - wow, I forgot he used to wear necklaces. lol SOOOO glad I broke him of that habit! lol (sorry Will)

My favorite part of our first date, was when Will and I were on the ferry riding from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend. We were out on the deck, and it was really windy and cold and we could hardly hear each other. Will yells over to me, "I'm going to go break wind!"

I was shocked and yet pleasantly surprised that he felt so comfortable in front of me to tell me he was stepping away to fart. After he didn't come back for a while, I finally went and asked him "Are you done yet??" and he said "Done what?" and I said, " said you had to, you know, break some wind?" He busts out laughing and says "NNNNOOOOO!!! I said I wanted to go BRAVE the wind, not break wind!" I then busted out laughing too.

About a month later, Will came up from Portland to visit me on his way to Whistler. This is us at my parents house playing Christmas piano duets together.

This was from our 2nd date together. Glad we felt so comfortable around each other! LOL

This was a memorable date for me - skiing at Stevens Pass on New Years Day. It was the date where I realized that I was falling for Will - he made me so happy all of the time and I loved who I was when I was with him. Awwwwwwe. (by the way that is me sticking my tongue out at Will and catching some snowflakes on it as well)

And then here we are October 16th, 2004, the night that Will proposed.

And the rest, as they say, is history (in the making!). 4 years down, Eternity to go.... I love this man!

P.S. Will and I have a website, that started out as a wedding announcement site, then turned into our "family" website, but we changed servers last year and so most of our site needs to be re-uploaded. But our proposal story is still on there, if anyone wants to see it. Will is a VERY creative guy!!! Here's the link:


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I love reminiscing. You two are so cute. James and I's first met right around the same time as when Will proposed to you. I think I'll post a blog of our fist date when that comes up on November 19th. We love you guys.

Andy and Brandie said...

I love to hear how people met and fell in love, it to makes me remember when I first fell in love with Andy and how he still makes me feel to this day. I still cry when I read your proposal and how it all came down to it. We love you guys.

Double O said...

You guys are way too cute! I love proposal stories!

Kate said...

So fun hearing (and seeing!) more about you guys! And to answer your question - if it's anything like last time, I'm taking the epidural and it's wonderfulness! I'm not about unecessary pain if I can help it! Don't be too nervous; it's more exciting than anything because of the awesome prize you get at the end for all your effort! The first time you get to see the little face of your child is priceless and worth all the work!

Dave, Bethany, Taylar and Jordynn said...

Dave Madden logging in and saying Awwwwwweeee! I like the story about breaking wind. What can I say.......I'm a guy.

Brian & Veronica said...

I love that story. And the engagement story, that's incredible! I love the picture thing, you didn't even know he was there, that's awesome. :)
Thanks for sharing and happy 4th anniversary. Have fun at the ultrasound too! Sooooo cool and so much fun. Have a great day!