Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Question for all you moms out there...

I swear I really am trying to concentrate on other things besides baby stuff. But today as I was sitting at the piano, I realized "I have no idea of what sort of baby stuff we'll need!!" and I sort of freaked out.

Okay so I know the essentials - like a crib, stroller, carseat, etc. But for any of you moms out there, can you tell me what other things I'll need? Like what sort of things did you need afterwards that you didn't think you would? Even down to the detailed things - like weird stuff.

Lay it on me, I'm ready. I'm going to start a list.

Thanks. :)


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

That is such a great idea. I wouldn't mind starting a list of my own. Would you forward any advise to me. You never know when that kind of information might be useful. Take Care.

Mama said...

Breast pads - if you're nursing

Leslie said...

For both of my girls, we used the cloth disposable diapers for burp cloths. They're very durable and handy during the first few months especially. You can never have too many washcloths (ok...so you can, but you know what I mean) and one thing I WOULDN'T recommend to any mom is the boppy pillow. It wasn't very supportive. People ranted and raved about them and it wasn't very helpful for nursing. IMO. Well, hope some of this was helpful. Have fun with the list! There's a lot of cool products out there for kids nowadays. :)

Tyler - Jenni - Braxton - Avery said...

The one thing I recommend is this amazing product, its called "Swaddle Me" the only place I have found it is at Babies R Us. Anyways it swaddles your baby and fastens with velcro. When newborns are swaddled they feel comforted and therefore dont get "space fright" and sleep 100 TIMES BETTER! I swear this is how I got my baby girl sleeping through the night at 3 weeks! It really is amazing Im giving it away to every baby shower I go to! Also we just bought a few packages of diapers a month and got stocked up so we didnt have to buy them all at once. Im sure Ill think of more.. I'll let you know when it comes to me! {oh and dont worry I freaked out like that both times I was pregnant!! its normal.}

Double O said...

The onesies are totally way easy to make. We should get together sometime and make some for your little one! My email is raemonster12@yahoo.com

Emily said...

I liked my boppy pillow, but not for nursing, I agree on that, it is not supportive enough, but my babies slept in it very well for the first few months, I think it helped them feel like they were being held. Then I used it to support them when they were learning to sit up, if they fell back. no big deal, the pillow made for a soft landing.

Also, don't buy too many breast pads, some people don't leak. I used only three or four with both babies combined. Just buy a small box to have on hand in case, then if it looks like you are going to need more, you can send Will to buy some!! Men love buying things like that, have him pick up some nipple cream and pads while he is out!

Andy and Brandie said...

Jenni, if you are going to use clothe diapers go with the brand called fuzzi bunz I love them and Demetrius has not gotten any diaper rash from them I found them to be hard work but it is way worth it in the end. And Lansino cream for the nipples that way they do not get dry or cracked if you breast feed. Sorry my spelling is not so good but it is a purple tube and box if you go and look for it. Aslo Berdos Butt Paste it is the best stuff in the world. You can even use for dry rashy skin. Sleeping bras as you get closer they really do start to hurt and it is the best thing at night. Hope this helps. Love you

Andy and Brandie said...

Also lots of beenie caps to help keep in the heat when baby is sleeping and awake. Nothing makes so mad when I see a baby out with mom and dad the baby has no hat or socks on. I just want to go up to them and give a piece of my mind. But I hold back and say a prayer so the baby will not get sick from it's parents stupidity.

Jenni Thomas said...

Thanks for all the great tips everyone - keep them coming if you think of anymore. Elizabeth, you getting these tips? LOL


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Hey Jenni,
This is some good stuff. James and I would like to use clothe diapers at least while our kids are really little. So the fuzzi bunz was good info. Also I have a CD that i use in Nursery all the time it is called "a child's prayer: primary songs for bedtime." It really helps me to stay calm and brings the spirit. I would recommend it to anyone who has kids. I love the it and there is now a new CD out by the same company called "Mary's Lullaby's" a Christmas CD. I can't wait for James to get that one for me.

Marissa said...

Hi Will and Jenni! It's Scott and Marissa Gifford. CONGRATULATIONS! We're so happy for you! The thing I found indispensible when Arden was born was a swing. At first I didn't want one b/c they're kind of tacky-looking, but my sister got us one anyway, and it was a LIFESAVER! Arden didn't like to be held too much, so he spent lots of time happy in his swing. The bouncer never got used - he hated it. Go for the swing instead!

Emily said...

You have to have a swing, or a bouncer, or something. Without one I always felt like I had nowhere safe to put the baby while I needed a break from holding. I would also put my babies in either (I had both) and put them in the bathroom while I showered and put on a little makeup. That way I felt a little normal, and didn't have to wait until they were alseep before I could get cleaned up.

Balmex was my favorite diaper rash cream, but I also liked A&D for other irritation in the diaper area, that wasn't diaper rash.

I also like Huggies diapers the best, they are a pretty good price at Costco, and I love the Costco brand (Kirkland) wipes, I feel like they are a good deal, and they are sturdy ehough to handle even the bad poops!!

When my kids were tiny (up to 6 weeks or so), I loved putting them in the dress-like, open-bottom nightgown/sleepers. They made for easy and quick access to diapers in the middle of the night. Little babies poop so often, the faster you can get them changed, the faster you can hopefully get back to sleep!

Brian & Veronica said...

I definitely have to agree with that last comment. Yes, you want the baby to be warm, but if they're swaddled, there should be no problem with using a gown. It's so true, so often I would use regular onsie jammies and have to unbutton and button all of them every time in the middle of the night and it was horrible. So, use the gowns for the night, and stock up, b/c the poop and pee always leeks, no matter what brand of diapers you use. I tried them all. Just when they're so little, it's hard to keep it in! So, having extra outfits is definitely a plus. I've been reading all the other advice waiting to offer my 2 cents, but I think that's it. The diaper chaning in the middle of the night....if I think of anything else I'll let you know. IF you choose to use bottles for any reason at any time, it's worth it to have several on hand. That way you don't have to wash them every time you need one, especially in the middle of the night! Good luck!
Love V

Kate said...

Okay, I was going to leave a comment here, but my list got too long! So, I decided to post the list on my blog, so check in later on! ;) Nothing like asking for advice to get moms talking eh?

The Sugies said...

Congrats Jen. You are so cute to worry about it all. I went through all the worrying (having a baby shower really helped) and then realized that it is really a natural thing. It is freaky to think now, but you will be great and you will know exactly what your baby needs. I totally swear by the swing. Both my kids loved it and I even let them take naps and they slept longer in the swing. I also like the open ended pajamas. Laura bought some for Marley and they are awesome. I strongly recommend Lansinol. About a month before, start putting it on and you'll probally use it for the first month after the baby. I never used a breast pad or nursing bra. They were really uncomfortable and I never had problems with it. Good luck, but everyone is different.

April said...

Hey Will and Jenni-
First off, congrats on the baby! I've been meaning to post sooner-I've been checking in on your blog to see how you're doing...sort of like a stalker...but in a good way! :) I finally broke down and signed up for an account so I can post. Since we just had another baby about a month ago, I can tell you the things that have helped us out-warning, a lot will be repetitive, but only because I agree so much with what the others have said. So here goes:

-Swaddler blanket! Our baby loved this! We delivered at Overlake and this actually came with the baby :)

-Nightgown pj's-it's true-it makes life so much easier-especially at 3AM when baby decides to do the "neverending poo" where you have to change him (or her) 4 times in a row because you thinking he's done pooping, but it just keeps coming, and then you change him and he poops on the outside of the diaper while you're trying to change him, so then you need another diaper...which leads to the next thing..

-DIAPERS! (and wipes, of course) Lots of them! Stock up now-it's a good idea

-PJs-I also like the sleeper blankets-basically PJs but they look like a sleeping bag on the bottom

-Onsies-it's a personal decision-I use them occasionally, especially if its cold outside, but mostly I think they're annoying and since babies pee and poop on themselves so frequently, causing you to have to change their clothes all the times, it just seems like more laundry for no good reason. Josh's parents seem to think it's a sin for them to not have one on though. So, make your own decision. I do use onsies as shirts (vs. undershirts) so then it becomes justifiable.

-Swing/bouncer/saucer/pack and play...something to put the baby in-I haven't used it with Caleb,yet, but it was a lifesaver with Luke-it was the only way I could get him to sleep and/or get anything done around the house.

-Bassinette (sp?) We have a crib, but, at least for us, we like having our baby right next to us for the first few months...or in Luke's case, for the first almost 4 years (we are trying desparately to get him to sleep in his own bed!)

-Baby bath tub-obvious reasons-you don't want baby to float out to sea in a regular sized tub

-Toiletries inculding: baby soap/shampoo, baby lotion, alcohol(in case you need to relax a little j/k) and q-tips for umbilical cord care, vaseline if you have a boy and have him circumsized (sp?), one of those baby brushes-especially if they get cradle cap, you can use it to scrub the crusties off, and fingernail clippers We have some diaper rash stuff, but haven't had to use it. Also, "medical supplies"-thermometer, infant Tylenol, baby syringe bulb (looks like a tiny turkey baster-used to suck out their little mouths and noses when they get all phlegmy- not to baste tiny turkeys, trust me, don't try it.) Baby towels with the hoods on them are nice too.

-A good book on parenting-I like the "What to expect..." series. Especially, "What to Expect in the First Year" because it's nice to look stuff up just to make sure whatever your child is doing is "normal" :) and it's also helpful if you think somehting is wrong with your child but you're not sure if you should take it to the doctor etc..

-As far as clothes go, you can never have too many socks because they always get lost. Hats are good (after reading Andy and Brandie's post, I'm afraid to leave the house without Caleb wearing one) I really like the little one piece outfits (I can't remember what they're called) that sort of look like pj's and they have feet on them. Blankets, of course-probably lots of them, unless you're really good at keeping up with laundry because they are constantly peeing, pooping, or spitting up (or creating some other bodily fluid) to get all over the blanket.

-If baby is having a really hard time sleeping, something that makes "white noise" helps. We have a fan that's sort of loud, that we turn away so the air isn't blowing on us, but still provides the noise and it seems to help a lot. I don't recommend watching the movie "White Noise",however, because not only will it not put your baby to sleep, but it might keep you up all night (if it's even possible to be awake any more, with a new baby around)

-Finally, loving friends and family who are willing to cook food for you, clean your house, and most importantly, watch the baby so you can get some sleep. I'm not sure where to buy those though :)

I know there's probably a lot I'm forgetting, but hey, you figure it out as you go along. Sorry, I guess this turned out to be a really long entry. Well, good luck with everything. If you need anything, let us know.
-April Smith

Robert & Tina LeHolm said...

Hello Jenni, This is Laura's friend Tina, I met you at Lara and Marks wedding. I have read through the comments and found that no one offered this advise, and Savea (my little girl) is 8 months old now, and I still use it.. a sling.. You can get them at Mayawrap.com, but do NOT get the ones at the store, they are hard to use. The one I use is a maya wrap and it is a life saver, you can ask lara, but I always have savea in it. It is great when they just want to be held and you still need your hands, you can just strap them to you and go on your merry way, plus it helps keep them warm and bond with you... you can read all of the other benefits on the website, but I definitly tell EVERYONE I know to get one. If you want to see it in use, our blog is leholmfamily.blogspot.com. Most of the pictures of it are in the early months because that is when she was in it at all times :) Congrats, and like Kristi said, it all will come naturally! Also, if you over prepare, and you aren't that needy of a mom, you will be bummed that you wasted so much money! :)Just keep receipts!