Friday, November 9, 2007

Guess what tonight is??

This blog is dedicated to Will and his brother Daniel, who are just a little CRAZY about skiing.

Tonight we're following our annual tradition of attending this year's Warren Miller ski movie.

In honor of this tradition, a moment of silence please.

(This is how I really feel about going to Warren Miller ski movies)

I'm joking of course. I enjoy sitting through 2 hours of punk music and watching people jumping off of cliffs on skis. lol. I remember my very first Warren Miller Ski movie - it was "Steeper and Deeper" from like 1992 or something....the ski pants were hot pink, the ski lifts were slow, and Warren still narrated.

Earlier this year, we were invited to join Daniel, Dalynn, and Tessha to go skiing and stay at a timeshare at Whistler. On one of the days we were skiing, Will and I were riding a ski lift up and we could see below us a guy in a yellow ski jacket who was getting ready to jump a rather dangerous and steep drop off. We were anxious to see him biff it and excitedly watched, as we said "Whoa!".

As we got closer to the guy, we realized, "Hey, that's Daniel!!" LOL

Now I understand why he wears a helmet when he skis.

Daniel and Dalynn - see you guys tonight in Olympia!


Brian & Veronica said...

oh man, have fun Jenni! My dad took us skiing a couple times a year and I really tried to force myself to like it, rid myself of fear, and enjoy the ride. I couldn't. I'm terrified and out of control out there. So, kudos to you for being a skier, even though I'm really afriad, I really wish I liked it, so I admire people who do like it and are good at it. Have fun!

Papa said...

Thank you guys so much for going to the movie with us. We had an awesome time. It was great to see you both. We can't wait to see Jenni in concert in December. Take care you die hard ski folk.

Papa said...

I guess my user name is papa. "I like it when you call me big papa! big papa!" Memba dat song gansta.

Will Thomas said...

It sure was a good show! One of the better ones in the past couple of years. Looks like it is time to try attaching a parasail to me while skiing. Crazy! It was good to see you, "Papa & Mama" LOL

NelsonFam said...

Mark saw this post and was jealous. Although he did say that steeper and deeper was the all-time best warren miller film ever made - props to you Jenni for remembering it.

The Paulks said...

Okay, so that totally reminded me of the last time I went to a Warren Miller movie. I too, was pregnant, about 10 weeks along! I was so sick the whole way through, I ended up falling asleep on Nick's lap. Of course, we were in Portland. Good times!