Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will the Photographer

Last Saturday Will and I went on a date! We went down to the Seattle Science Center (where the Space Needle is), and we walked around and looked at all of the exhibits, went to the IMAX film, saw lots of dinosaur bones, and went through a tropical butterfly house. Will whipped out the camera and took these shots of the specimens.

Green butterfly

pretty blue butterfly

interesting tiger striped butterfly

pretty black and red butterfly

weird orange butterfly

polka dotted butterfly

um...not sure what kind of specimens these were.


Will Thomas said...

No, those are not our new matching sunglasses. LOL Those are the 3-D glasses for the Imax Dinosuar Movie.

Double O said...

Fun! I have never actually been there, and you guys look so cute in your matching sunglasses. ;) just kidding Will.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Those butterflies where so cool. The last couple was kinda weird but i can see how that fit together. HE He HE.

Keep having fun!

The Sugies said...

Okay so you could be a photographer for National Geographic or something. Wow. It must have been those special super power glasses that helped you take the pictures.

The Paulks said...

wow, I'm seriously impressed at the photography skills. Nice job Will.