Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2nd Doctor Visit - and welcome to the 2nd trimester!

So yesterday I went in for my 13 week doctor appointment, and Will and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was super duper fast - 167 bpm! And the nurse said that it was moving around a lot - a very active little baby.

My friend tells me that there is an old wives tale that if your baby's heartbeat is above 160 then it's a boy. But I don't think that's true, since most everyone I've talked to who is pregnant has a baby who heartrate is above 160 - boy or girl (it slows down later on though in pregnancy).

But I've decided that I'm really hoping for a girl. Just because we have a girl's name picked out and not a boy. (We've had the name "Riley" picked out since we were dating practically, but have yet to agree on any boy names). LOL And for some weird reason I always thought we would have a girl first. But who knows, Will thinks we're going to have a boy because of how I've been craving meat all of the time. He says "You've got a boy in there! Who likes bbq and hamburgers and beef just like his daddy." Haha. Either that or we're having a real "beefy" girl. (ha. ha.).

At any rate, we'll find out the sex towards the end of January. My doctor is going on vacation so my visits are a little behind schedule. They weren't going to do that ultrasound until week 22, and I said "Hey but we can find out at week 20 right? Can we pleeeeeeeeeeease have a special appointment on week 20 to find out?" So they scheduled me for an ultrasound-only appointment on week 20. If you know me very well, you know that I can't wait a whole 2 weeks for info like that.

I also got a flu shot yesterday. I don't do well with needles very well. So when the nurse asked me if I wanted to get a flu shot (which I'd never had before), I asked very niavely, "Does it give me the flu?" LOL. She said "No but you might get a fever and chills." And then after she told how important it is for pregnant women to get the flu shot after their 1st trimester, I finally gave in and got one. She pulled up my sweater and as I turned to look the other way expecting a huge sensation of pain, she pinched my skin and said "All done." I stopped wincing and said, "Oh. That was it?" LOL Will laughed.

My little baby belly has finally made it's grand appearance into the world. I was worried that I was just fat, but then relieved when at Enrichment last night I saw my friend Tracy (who is due a week and a half earlier than I) that she totally had a big baby belly too! And as of 2 weeks ago when I saw her last she didn't look pregnant at all. So I thought "Oh good, then it is normal to have a baby belly at 13 weeks. Whew!"

So that's the update!


ld@davfam said...

Gosh I love the heart beat appointment and I agree - - 20 weeks is too long to wait to find out the sex of the baby. I wasn't as patient as you... I asked to do it around 18 weeks and got lucky to find out! Can't wait to hear what your having!

McClains said...

How fun...well I think the old wives tale says that if it's above 160 it's a girl. Girls' heartbeats are always higher than boys'. So maybe you will have a girl! They are a blast!

Brian & Veronica said...

So much fun Jenni! And you know what? You can get an ultrasound 16 weeks and up at the mall that just tells the sex of the baby. (o.k., so they do that in Utah anyway...check it out). IT's only $35 there, if it's available for you it might be fun, you don't have to wait until week 20, although my OB always did. This time they're going to check at 15 weeks, but I highly doubt we'll find out. (Just b/c I'm going to be gone for a month.) If they don't, it won't be until the end of January until I find out, I won't get back until the 22nd! Aaaah. I have a feeling it's going to be too early, but we'll see. :) have a great day.
Love, V
Oh yes, I'm hoping for a girl too. Don't quite know why it's such a big deal to me, b/c we have at least 2 boys names we like and no girl names that we agree on. hmmmmm, how do you decide something like that! :)

Will Thomas said...

I love my pregnant wife! She is so cute! She is so excited to be a mom and is learning so much. She shares new things she is learning with me everyday. Watching her get excited about being a Mom, makes me excited that she will be the Mom of our kids.

Kate said...

soooo exciting!! I can't wait to hear what you're having!

Tyler - Jenni - Braxton - Avery said...

Can't wait to hear what you are having, I love the 20 week mark... it's the best part of pregnancy. You get to learn what you are having..and you get your appetite back (for the most part)! Something to look foward too! Hearing the heartbeat for the first time makes it so real, priceless. Glad to hear everything is going well.