Thursday, December 27, 2007

Darn Virus

Well Merry Christmas to our computer. It's been sick with a virus for the past week, thanks to Spyware. Ugh!! I'm so sick of it. Our anti-virus software expired, and we slipped and didn't renew it fast enough and some spyware embedded itself onto the computer somewhere and it's been VERY hard to get rid of. Constant pop-up ads, computer running very VERY slowly, etc. Even the new anti-viral protection we put on there says it "caught" the virus but it doesn't get rid of it.

Will's been working hard trying to get creative and beat this thing. The part that really stinks about it too - is the same darn people who creative the stupid virus are the same people who create the software that you have to pay $50 to get it off your computer. So we've been trying everything possible to get around that.

Ugh I hate having a slow computer.

Anyway, we'll post a Christmas blog soon.


The Thomas Family said...

32 That's from sssss (and that too) is from Spencer your 6 nephew. He says "Hi"
hi this is karly. happy holidays!
She wrote that herself.
I (Jenn) just caught up on your blog. It's so fun to read. I think I read back to your pregnancy story. So fun. We found out a while ago, but we were just so happy for you all. Sorry we are not phone people, but we have been meaning tell you guys congrats.I was thinking about it and that means you all were pregnant when we visited you. How fun is that?! We love you guys and know you are going to be the best parents. Congrats! Luke and Jenn

Sandy said...

So this is New Years Eve and I'm spending the evening reading my kids blogs. It's the best!! We love your blog and are glad you had a great Christmas with Jenni's folks. We really like them, too.
Well, Happy New Years to you too.