Friday, December 7, 2007

New Song - O Holy Night

Well I've finally emerged from my cave this week (just in time to go pick up Jace Vek from the airport - he's who I'm performing with tomorrow night). I've been working on "O Holy Night" for several months now. I finally got the piano part finished just before Thanksgiving, and the orchestration done today. Gosh, do I really want to do film composing? Because this was my first commissioned work that had a deadline and it was hard to be creative on demand!

Anyway, my good friend Lori-ann Cunningham did the vocals on it. She worked on it from her studio in Utah, while I did the orchestration/piano up here in my studio in Seattle - and then with the help of modern technology we were able to mix it without ever even being in the same room together.

To listen, you'll have to go to my MySpace page. I hope you enjoy! By the way, I'm offering it as a free download so Merry Christmas!


P.S If you want to hear it in person, I'm performing it with Erika Nisbet in the Marysville Stake Christmas concert on December 16th, 7pm, at the Marysville Stake Center in Smokey Point. It's free and you're all welcome to come. This concert is done annually and every year it gets bigger and better. It's quite the production - very talented choir, soloists, everything. I love it.


Brian & Veronica said...

Beautiful Jenni, as always. Love, V

Double O said...

I love that song! Absolutely beautiful. By the way congratulations on your second trimester.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

For some reason BYU-H internet service blocks myspace. If you get a minute do you think you could post your song on this blog or on your website so i can listen to it too.