Friday, January 4, 2008

Hollywood Gossip & NFL Playoff Predictions

Yes this is Will, and yes I'm sharing juicy Hollywood gossip. This is for all you ladies that tune in here to read Jenni's fun blogs. Guys, sit tight for a second and I'll get to you in a minute with insider info for your NFL playoff brackets. Feel free to scroll down past all this Hollywood gossip if you wish.

So, ladies; Yesterday I was sitting in my office at work minding my own business, just crunching numbers, building budgets, scrutinizing all those small little details that go into building million dollar John F. Buchan homes (that's my employer). When I hear a voice down the hall ask, "HE didn't know who Jessica Simpson was?" HE, referring to the president of the company, a 60+ year old man. "So HE did an Internet search and up popped all these bikini clad pictures?" Then I heard a bunch of chuckles down the hall.

After hearing this, the mental image popped into my mind of watching our 60+ year old president of the company, searching the Internet to find out who Jessica Simpson is, this was enough to stop me in my tracks and poke my head out of my office to find out why in the world the president of our company while at work is googling "Jessica Simpson" and surfing the Internet looking at pictures of her stripped of all but the necessities of clothing.

Well, apparently he had a good excuse now that I have gotten the full story which is to follow. Mr. John Buchan is a very wealthy man. He has hobbies that only multi-millionaires have like yacht racing, etc... He likes to live nicely and in extravagant homes, for instance, he lives down the street from Bill Gates. He also has huge lavish homes splattered around the globe that would make MTV "Cribs" look like the ghetto. Most of these he has designed and built through his company, since that is his profession. From what I have seen, he doesn't like to stay in one place very long, he's always bouncing from one vacation home to the next and when he gets tired of a place, he just sells it and builds or buys a new one. Apparently, he decided to put his multi, multi, multi-million dollar "beach shack" in Cabo San Lucas on the market.

This is where Jessica Simpson comes into to place. It appears, she has just plumped down a big wad of cash to rent this "beach shack" for this upcoming 3-day weekend. This is to try the place out to see if it is something she would like to purchase. So, Jessica Simpson will be staying in my boss's Mexican retreat this weekend and might be purchasing it in the near future.

Okay, Guys, this is where you come back into the picture. Girls, stick with me, the gossip isn't over yet. Of course, Jessica wouldn't want to go spend a weekend by herself in this spacious waterfront resort-of-a-home. She'd want to take a friend along to enjoy the trip. Maybe somebody that didn't have to work this weekend, you know had the weekend off, because his team has a bye this weekend while the wild card picks battle it out. Yep, that's right Tony Romo is on the rental agreement as well.

You know what this means, bad news for the Cowboys. Tony's going to come back from his little hiatus and be hungover on love and once again screw up next week's game against the wild card winner whomever it is going to be whether it is the Giants, or Buccaneers. We all saw what happened a few weeks ago. It's doomed to be repeated, if Jessica is involved.

So Guys, if you have Dallas going anywhere in your playoff bracket, you might want to re think that. Just a heads up from an inside scoop.

Ladies, hope you enjoyed your gossip!

On a side note, don't forget to check Jenni's new pregnancy blog down below.

Update: Of course the Paparazzi was there to get the pictures.


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

wow that was quite the blog. I never new the Jessica Simpson could be so entertaining..

ld@davfam said...

Great post gossip and fun new blog Jenni!

Dave, Bethany, Taylar and Jordynn said...

Man I had to change my bet. Thanks for the inside info. I could have lost that mill.

Kate said...

you should start a gossip column Will!! and I think the fluffy pink bathrobe pic should be your column's profile picture! :)