Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

For New Years Eve, Will and I decided to re-create our 1st new years eve date (from 2003) and we went downtown Seattle, walked around Pike Place Market, the mall, and then ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

After a delicious dinner at CF, we headed over to the Nisbets' house and watched the 'Bourne' trilogy. This took ALL night long, and I think Will and I were the only ones that stayed awake for all of it.

The next morning, after sleeping in until about 11am, we got up and got ready to go snow-shoeing!!
Snoqualmie Pass was loaded with snow, and not to mention they also have a really fun little Family Pancake House up there by the ski resort.

So the four of us (from left to right: Erika, Aaron, me, and Will) headed out on our adventure. It didn't dawn on me until right before we left that I didn't even consider that I might not fit into my snow pants. I tried them on and sure enough, uh, they weren't going to work. So Will and I swapped snow clothes. I wore his pants and jacket, and he wore mine. LOL

For the most part, it was a lot of fun. Luckily this year the Parks & Rec service put Honeybuckets in the parking lot so we didn't have to all paint the snow yellow.

We hiked back into the forest on a little road that led into some cabins. We were passed by cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. By the time we got to the frozen lake, it was dark and we were using our headlamps. It was beautiful, quiet and majestic. Just us and the snow the mountains and the stars in the sky.

And also being that I'm 18 weeks pregnant, and this is my first pregnancy, I'm learning as I go. I was pretty excited that we were all going to do a sport that I could actually participate in! (I have been pretty sad that I can't go downhill skiing this winter). And learning I did. Note to self:

-It's never a good idea to hike that far from the Honeybuckets.
-I was completely out of breath and felt bad because Aaron & Erika were constantly having to stop and wait for us. (Sorry guys)
-I totally injured a muscle in my leg and today I can't lift it. (Darn relaxing ligaments!)
-The Family Pancake House was 10 times better after working up an even larger appetite for it. (As IF my appetite could possibly get any larger).

But anyway we had fun on the first day of 2008. We're excited for a brand new year and what it will bring.


ld@davfam said...

You know you've found true love when your hubby will switch snow clothes for his pregnant wife. How cute!

Andy and Brandie said...

you are to cute, I love that you had to change snow clothes, I had to do that a lot when I was pregers they are more comfortable anyway.