Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's Payback Time

So for those of you who might not remember, a few posts ago Will wrote about our "boring weekend" and posted a lovely picture of me with a bag of ice on my head tied around with string (for a headche).

Well I thought of a way to pay him back.

I happened to get this really soft pink robe for Christmas. So did my friend Erika - except her's is white. She was telling me about how one day last week she called home and asked her hubby what he was up to, and ended up getting a confession out of him that he was lounging around in her fluffy robe because it was so soft. I thought that was pretty funny.

So last night, we weren't up to much. Just cleaning house, and stuff like that. I was putting away clothes and saw my robe, and said "Hey Will do you want to try on my new robe to feel how soft it is?" He said "Surrre." And then I said "While you're at it, you should try my fuzzy pink slippers - they match."

And on his own accord, he then went and found my fuzzy pink snow hat and put that on too. I don't know what he was doing after that because I was scurring to hurry and grab the camera before he took it all off. Funny enough, I came back in and he was checking himself out in the bathroom mirror. I think he was quite comfy actually.

All I said to make him turn around was his name, and FLASH! I got this picture.

The moments following involved a chase around the house with him trying to confiscate the camera and then I reminded him of the icepack picture he took and he was not allowed to erase this.

I told him "You look really good in pink, Will!"

Will replied, in a matter-of-fact tone, "I think I do too."


Kate said...

This picture made me laugh - thanks! I'm excited to check out your pregnancy blog too!!

Andy and Brandie said...

That is so cute and funny at the same time. Keep taking those great pics.

Tyler - Jenni - Braxton - Avery said...

hilarious! go will! you guys are too cute.

The Sugies said...

Hey I think pink is your color? I'll call you Pretty in Pink.