Tuesday, February 5, 2008


We had a fun weekend with Sandy in town (Will's mom - if he were writing this blog then perhaps it would be titled "mother" lol). She was in town for a speech pathology conference and stayed with us for part of the weekend.

Friday night I decided to paint my nails, and Will willingly tried on colors for me. I think he had too much fun.
Don't worry - any said nail polish applied upon Will's fingers was successfully removed later that night.
I ended up painting little flowers on my thumbs - which is the first time I'd ever done that. I thought they turned out pretty good for the first time.

Saturday we went for a leisurly walk around our humble neighborhood. (Recap: We live in the guesthouse of a million dollar estate, and the street next to our's was at one time the 'Street of Dreams'. Yeah. We definitely could never afford one of these homes but nevertheless, these are our neighbors).

Here is us drawing mucho attention to our backsides by smacking them for the camera. Just nevermind the huge butt I have right now. I keep telling myself that my backside is actually shrinking, but actually its just because my belly is getting bigger - thus making my butt only appear smaller. Dangitt!
This is the pond next to our place, and then our driveway. Gotta love the NW with all its greenery.


Andy and Brandie said...

How sweet that looks like so much fun. you are so funny.

The Thomas Family said...

Luckies! You got to have Sandy for a week end. How fun!
Love your neighborhood, if you can even call it that. Is it an estate? What is a estate? I'm probably not using that word correctly, but that's the first word I thought of when I saw your land. Wow! Gorgeous!
Jenni here's the web site were I got our template. It's way easy.The directions are on the site. I think the site owner is actually a member, but I just figured that out. Not that it matters. Anyways, here it is:

I'm not sure if I love it, but it's different so I'll probbaly keep it a while longer.

Sandy said...

I had so much fun with you two. Maybe next time it'll be you three?
Now that will be FUN!!
Love you!!

McClains said...

nicde nails! Maybe we should have a manicure party before the baby comes!