Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Date - and 6 months down!

Will and I celebrated our 5th Valentine's Day together last night! Can you believe it?

We've kept the tradition of making each other homemade cards - can you guess who's is who? LOL

Okay I'll just tell you that Will's actually looked way better than mine. He even went to a paper store and bought the velum cover (his is on the right in case you didn't guess by now). All the sparkly beads started falling off the glue on mine. LOL I think mine looks like it was made by a child. Haha.

Here is us before heading off to Piatti's Italian Restaurant. Man - I just want to say this angle is not good on me. LOL I look 9 months pregnant instead of 6. So see next picture to get correct perspective.

And then last but not least - today I am officially 6 months pregnant!

Crazy huh? Here are the belly shots. The one in the dress is obviously from last night, and then the other one is from today to give a better idea (I thought the dress made me look bigger, but now that I'm looking at them side by side, I take that back).

Just about 3 months and 3 weeks to go and we'll have a son. Little baby Preston Thomas. :)


Will Thomas said...

Confession: My card is valentine leftover remnants that I scrounged up around the office. That includes digging deep into the office supply closet.

Jenni Thomas said...

LOL Oh, where'd you get the velum? Is the "office" code for "paper store"? Hahaha. Love you - it was so cute.

McClains said...

You look awesome in your pictures! I just want to know where you get all your cute maternity clothes! congrats on getting this far, it feels good to hit those marks huh? Enjoy right now, this is the easiest part of the pregnancy! (early=sick, late=huge/uncomfortable)

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

You are looking so go. I hope i can look that pretty when i'm pregnant. I'm glad you had a wonderful valentines day.

The Thomas Family said...

You are gorgeous Jenni. Seriously.
Love the belly shots.

Nice job on your card Will. That is impressive. What was your degree in again? Design?! :)
Jenni your card was adorable too. I don't think it looks like a kid made it. How did you do the cute flowers?

ld@davfam said...

I love that you did homemade cards... so sweet! I've never heard of that Italian Restaurant. Do you recommend it?

Brian & Veronica said...

Love that dress, especially on you Jenny! You're gorgeous!
Love, V

Sandy said...

Jenni, when you're pregnant it's called "beautiful". But then you've always been beautiful so many we'll called "especially beautiful". Nice job on the card Will. I'm impressed. You were always good but I must say, you've exceeded all expections and you have good reason to do so. Keep it up!!

Andy and Brandie said...

You are looking so cute pregers and I love looking back over the years that Andy and I have shared valentines it has been great and wonderful.

Kate said...

I love the homemade (or office made) card idea! :)