Monday, February 11, 2008

Musical Mayhem

You would think that as a professional musician AND a teacher, I would be more organized. Nope!
For the past who-even-knows how many years, my music collection has slowly turned into one huge chaotic mess!

AND I married a man who also plays the piano, and so the music library practically doubled. Our music books have been spread out from the piano bench, underneath my digital keyboards, in a sachel box by the piano, to a storage bin in the storage room. I've have no idea what is where, and its been frustrating (and embarrassing) when trying to go look for something when a piano student is here.

So this was my Saturday's project this past weekend. And the picture (above) is even after I got organized. That is what is left for me to work on this week - which is going through all that copied music, seperating it into genres and putting them in protective sheets and binders(don't worry, the originals are somewhere so I'm not a pirate, and besides you can copy music for the purpose of teaching just fyi).

Since we don't have a bookshelf yet, here (above) is my proud display of my somewhat finished project - all along the floor along the wall next to the piano. :)

Notice the fabulous categorization by genre, and even the Classical composers got alphabetized. Yes, I am good.

I was surprised (or maybe shocked is a better word) that Will's collection of pianobooks mostly consisted of late 80/early 90 rock music. He even had a song in there from Meatloaf? And Bette Midler "The Wind Beneath My Wings"? LOL I remember singing that for my 7th grade choir concert. I was almost embarrassed to merge our collections. lol. (Don't worry I still love you, honey!)

The piano - still a mess, but improving.

And the music studio has recently turned into a place to store bills-to-be-paid and other random papers LOL


Sandy said...

So when you're done there will you start organizing over here? We could really use your expertiece.

Will Thomas said...

Sorry about the keyboard turning into the filing cabinet. I got half way through my organizing mess this weekend too.

No apologizing for meatloaf or Bette Midler, I still want to learn to play them. I just need a piano teacher. Can anyone recommend one?

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I really like the display of your album on the wall of your recording studio. Keep up the good work and if you ever get bored my kitchen needs organizing too. he he hehe he. I do my own organizing, someday.

Kate said...

way to go Jenni! I am so impressed!!

Loretta said...

Don't you just love Saturday projects. You feel so accomplished after they are finished. At least I do, usually, unless they turn out worse then when I started and then I just feel like I had wasted the whole day.

Brian & Veronica said...

Oh man, I know how you feel. Although, not with music. Ours consists of bills, mail, drawings and other random papers, stacked all over the place. I won't even take a before picture. But once my place is organized (hopefully by this weekend), I'll definitely post pictures!

Dave, Bethany, Taylar and Jordynn said...

I wouldn't apologize either for those classics Will. Maybe we should hook up one weekend and you play and I will sing. "Fly.........Fly......." And Jenni. It sounds like that you are nesting already. Bethany had to start getting everything ready for the babies. One day she went out and got stuff for canning. Just on a whim. Prego ladies are a little weird. I am always like (when my wife is prego) "You are not the person that I met and know! Where is she? and you are scaring me!" But then everything is fine after a while.

Pregnancy Chic Unrated said...

Now I believe you about your mess of sheet music. I don't think I would knock Will's choices. I know I had a few songs just like that, and I think the Wind Beneath My Wings was part of my collection. As well as some other 80's hits. Who can beat the classics of the 80's. :)

The Thomas Family said...

Watch out Jenni it sounds like the nesting phase of pregnancy. Get ready for some sleepless nights thinking about projects and baby sheets that need to be purchased. Ohh it drove me crazy. Although I was very productive during my nesting phases.:)