Monday, October 6, 2008

Dear Will

Dear Will,

I have been thinking lately about all of the wonderful memories we have together, and I wanted to share some of my favorites. See if you remember these...

  • Kayaking in some pretty feirce wind out to the Dungenous Bay Lighthouse, while trying to avoid getting capsized by the huge seals who were tailing us.

  • You surprising me and taking me to that one pirate restaurant where they made us wear eye patches and eat with our hands.
  • You stepping on my wedding dress on our way into the sealing room at the temple to get married, almost causing me to trip and fall on my face in front of everyone.

  • Eating a candlelit picnic at that one park in Portland with the big water resevoir. We read scriptures and had FHE and snuggled.

  • Us racing on jetskis in Cancun and having the guy who worked there come out and tell us that we weren't allowed to do that. Me realizing jetskiing was boring after that rule.

  • Us hiking over Hurricane Ridge after backpacking for 2 days and me crying because I was so scared of the cliffs. I hung onto you and only watched our feet as we passed over that stupid narrow ridge with dropoffs on both sides.

  • Our first kiss and telling the other person "You have fat lips". I guess we both have big lips.

  • When we were dating and I lived on Camano Island, you lived in Portland. I had to drive to the highest spot on the island in order to get a cell signal to talk to you. I would stare across the bay at Whidbey Island and watch all of the twinkling lights reflect on the water and wish we were there together.

  • You staying up all 36 hours of labor with me in the hospital and rubbing my feet when they were annoyingly numb from the epidural.

  • The first time I ever played one of my songs for you and you had tears in your eyes.
  • Going to watch you run a marathon and not being able to find you even though I drove to all of the checkpoints to find you. Then when you finished you told me that thinking about me was the reason you were able to get past your wall when you hit it. I had tingles when you told me that.

  • The time I bought you 2 fish for your fishtank and when you saw them you asked me as tactfully as you could if you could take them back to the fishstore. When I asked you "why?" you told me that I bought a type of fish that are a pest to the fishtank. Damsels is what they were called. I have never boughten you any fish since.

  • When we were dating - all the times you would come over in the middle of the night because I was scared or had a nightmare. I always felt safe and calm when you were there.

  • The first time we ever met and I didn't realize from your pictures that you had so many freckles. Haha. Now your skin is one of my favorite things.

  • That time I went to take my 2002 Jetta in for an oil change, and came out with a new 2004 Jetta. You about stopped dating me right there.

  • Rollerblading the boardwalk at Alki Beach at sunset.

  • Our first dress-up date together and you telling me "Wow, you clean up well." I laughed because you were very sincere in your compliment.

  • How in 5 years of being together we have never had a real fight or ever yelled at each other.

  • All the times when I was expecting you home from work and when you were late I went looking outside for you only to find you in the blackberry bushes munching away on berries.

  • The time I was craving ice cream during my last few weeks of being pregnant and you went and bought 7 cartons of ice cream. And then I didn't crave ice cream at all after I had Preston and so we had a LOT of ice cream in our freezer for a very very long time.
There are so many more I could write about too. I love you and love our life together. I can't wait for all the memories that we have yet to create.

Your Wifey


Will Thomas said...

Awe Shucks! Thanks for the laughs and trip down memory lane. And to think this is only the beginning!

Thanks for taking the time to blog (record) our history, so we never forget how much we have been blessed.

I love you Jenni!

Dan Thomas said...

Will is very lucky to have a "wifey" as good as you.

Elder Thomas said...

I laughed pretty good

Lisita said...

Sooo sweet Jenni and fun to read all the awesome adventures you & Will have had together! :)

Brian & Veronica said...

cute, jenni, i love this post.

Sandy said...

I loved reading about your memories and all the fun things you've done together but I had to laugh when I read that you've never had a "real fight or even yelled at each other." I can't even imagine Will yelling, let alone you. I bet you'll never get to that point. You may have a "real fight" and you may strongly disagree, but I seriously doubt that either of you will "yell." It's just not in you two. Thank goodness for that.

carlen said...

you two are adorable! or should i say you THREE! and very blessed with happy memories! enjoy making MORE!!!