Friday, April 17, 2009

Jenni. Radio Show. Next Wed.

Some of you may remember my last "big" concert (before entering the world of motherhood)...

My friend and fellow concert pianist/composer, Jace Vek, and I performed together in downtown Seattle at Benaroya Hall.

Well here we are a little over a year later and we're at it again.

No, not doing a concert together (yet, anyway), but doing a radio show. The show debuts next Wednesday, April 22nd, and I have been invited to be his first guinee pig. I mean GUEST ARTIST.

So if you have time, I would love your support. It's being broadcast 3pm ESTon April 22nd (Wed). It's like a podcast, so you listen from your computer. You can also log into the chatroom or call in and ask questions. The show is an hour long, and we'll just be talking about music, my music, the music industry, other musicians, listening to my get the picture.

Here is a better description:

An interesting new show all about new age music, and the artists who create it. Hosted by Emmy Award winning composer, concert pianist, and recording artist Jace Vek. We will be listening to beautiful music, and discovering the inspirations behind it. This is a great opportunity for artists to connect with their audience, as well as other artists, and talk about the thing we love most- Making and sharing music with the world!

Here is where you need to go:


carlen said...

sounds great! we'll tune in for the party! chloe will wish she could hear it too . . . we'll there be a way to listen to it after the fact also?

Jenni said...

Yeah, he told me there would be links to broadcast the show anytime thereafter. I will post after the show just in case.

Daniel L.Thomas said...

Count me in...It is on my calendar.