Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Riding the Seattle Heat Wave!

THIS is why we live in the Northwest.

We live and crave for the summers here because they are so gorgeous.

Okay so it might not quite be summer, but for the past two days we have enjoyed 70+ degree weather. It has been absolutely beautiful. Having the sunshine around is a definite mood booster for everyone.

With this good weather, we headed up to Camano Island with our kayaks. Grandpa brought his canoe.

Since my Mom is in Oregon with my Grandma right now (helping getting the funeral preparations done), my Dad has been at home alone. He hates being alone. He is like a lost puppy.

I think he was glad to have us visit for the day.

He brought his canoe and Preston got his first taste of life on the ocean.

He was pretty stoked, until we had to put his life jacket on him.

He has been doing this total fake cough lately whenever he wants to get our attention. When we put his life jacket on, for the entire time he was in the canoe he would do a fake choking sound. My dad kept asking if the life jacket was choking him.

"No, no, he is just pretending he's on the brink of death to get my attention." I answered.

Then either Will would wiz by in his kayak or a seagull would fly overhead and he would start going "Ohhhh, ba ba ba boosh go da da!"

And having a salty sea shell to suck on somehow made the canoe ride a bit more tolerable...

Once back on shore...

We left Preston with Grandpa while Will and I took off on the two kayaks for a while. Preston loves Grandpa! (and his seashell)

Tomorrow's forecast: Back to Rain :(


Janna G said...

So much fun!

Steve and Ileana said...

Looks so fun, that is Utsulady Point, right? Poor Dad, all alone! Ileana and Mackenzie will be all alone while I am in OR. We have never spent a night apart since we have been married, this Friday and Saturday will be our first time.

Marissa and Scott said...

What an awesome day! Wish we had kayaks to play with!

Suguturaga's said...

How fun. Wish we lived up there close to the ocean. I can't believe how chubby lil Preston is getting. I love it.