Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Changes

The Thomas household has been a war zone this past week.

Piles of huge ugly messes EVERYWHERE. Dirty dishes, crumbs all over the carpet, you couldn't even see our dining room table because there was so much stuff on it, furniture haphazordly placed.

We do have explanations though.

For one thing, our vacuum broke for a couple of days. That explains the crumbs all over the carpet. Don't worry, it's fixed now.

And the other reason is we finally decided that Preston needed his very own room, so we basically turned the house upside down re-arranging everything.

You may be wondering why a little guy like this would need his very own space.

Could it be because he is a light sleeper? Because we had our computer and music studio in his room and it was disrupting his sleeping patterns?

Yes to both. If you have been reading my Belly Diaries blog, you probably then read the occassional post regarding our many failed attempts to sleep-train Preston. (He is almost 10 months old and still does not sleep through the night). As much as we tried to not have to move the "office" out of his room (because we only have two bedrooms), we decided it was necessary in order for him to get the quiet solitude he needed.

Well we couldn't move the office/studio to our bedroom because it was already the bedroom/entertainment center room. So our only other option was to move everything out into the living room.

So this is how Preston's room used to look...

Our "office/studio" used to be on one end of the room like this:

With Preston's nursury on the other end like this:

Well, we would now like to introduce Preston's new and improved bedroom...

It is really a ginormous room for one little person, but we really had no other choice. Now Preston goes right to sleep with nobody going in there to quietly type on the computer (he would wake up to the sound of mouse clicks).

I have to admit that having the room all nursery now is very relaxing and peaceful. I love rocking him to sleep now and feeling like I'm completely in a baby's room.

So this is what we had to do with the rest of our house...

This was the way our living room used to look:

And these were the changes we made...

We moved the computer out onto the desk in the kitchen area:

We call it the "old" computer now, because after a very long time of wanting to upgrade to a beefier computer to handle my music studio programs, we finally did. I had some nice royalty payments these past few months from movie deals that licensed my music, as well as an increase in music students at the beginning of this year - so I was finally able to afford a new music computer.

This new computer will be able to handle my huge files at lightening speed and not bog down the rest of the computer. It has a quad processor, 8 gigs of memory, 650 gig hard drive, and external harddrive with 1 terabyte of space, and runs on a 64 bit operating system. It also came with a 23" inch monitor so I won't have to zoom in so much and squint my eyes while editing.

So the music studio is now completely all out in the living room. Will is still getting all of my software loaded onto it - which will take a few more days. I also upgraded to a new digital audio workstation (daws) that is a producer-level software, so I will be able to now learn how to do a lot more engineering on my music that I regularly hire others to do for me.

Another reason we got this other computer because we were finding it difficult sharing one computer these days. With Will trying to spend hours online searching for jobs, and me needing to work on my album - it was just getting increasingly difficult. We were having to schedule computer time in shifts. Usually Will had the early morning shift, and then I would get on mid-morning. And then afternoons I would teach piano while Will tended to Preston (which meant he didn't get much job searching done during that time). And then any music time I wanted was usually during the middle of the night (sooooo exhausting). AND given our sleep-issues with Preston, this also meant that we would often have to put him to sleep in our bedroom (which completely defeated the purpose of having a nursury).

Hopefully having this 2nd computer now will allow Will many more hours to look for jobs, and me being able to finish this lullaby ablum sooner as well.

Now for my weekly Mamarazzi photos.
I had a little helper in the kitchen the other day...

He mostly was just...

And then would occassionally look at me as if he were saying:

And then would do this multiple times to get my attention...

Have you seen this kid's hair from the backside before?

It is finally starting to grow in on his bald spot, but I swear he just rubs it off a day or two later. You would think with the amount of time he spends sitting and standing he wouldn't have that bald spot anymore.

And now for some great Preston faces:

The End.


Anonymous said...

Adorable. You crack me up wit your mamarazzi photos. :) Looks like some big changes for everyone. I can't wait to stop by and see it all in person. The nursery looks adorable and so does Preston! :)He is getting big way too fast! :) N

carlen said...

Chloe told me about the change-around after her violin lesson and said it looks "FABULOUS"!

Steve and Ileana said...

I like what you did with the house, it seems like it will much more functional for you guys and practical than the setup before. Preston is so funny and cute! I can't wait to see him on Friday.

Steve and Ileana said...

PS: I am really jealous of you computer! That is a big, beefy, serious machine that I would love to have.

mbishopp said...

so did the black out shades help?