Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Days and Bad Days.

Sometimes you just have really good days.

The sun is shining, everything is going right, and you're on top of the world.

I had two good days where I felt like I got a lot accomplished. I was on top of the world.
I cleaned our kitchen yesterday. You know, the kind of clean where you take the stove apart and wash all the parts.

I also mopped floors.
Vacuumed Cheerios up.
Polished a piano.
Re-arranged some pictures on the wall.
Did laundry.
Cleaned Preston's room.
Cleaned Preston (he hadn't had a bath in 2 days).
Cleaned the microwave.
Did 2 loads of dishes.
Made whole wheat pancakes with strawberries for everyone.
Painted my toenails.
Got Preston down for naps.
Went to the gym.
Had snuggle time with Will.

The day before that was also a good day.

After not being able to do anything with our album for 3 weeks, my Mom and I spent 9 hours in my studio on Friday. We completed one song, which since it is appearing twice on the album (different arrangements), we essentially completed two songs.

This is never done.

Actually finishing a song in one studio session is just not usually done by my Mom and I. But this time it got done, which brings us closer and closer to being finished with the album. 2 more songs to go and then VOILA!

And the day before that was also a good day.

I finished my article for the month for the Music Teacher Blog that I am an author on. I am supposed to write one article per month, and I was kind of behind. So it felt good to finally post an article and get that accomplished.

But sadly, not everyone around here had such good days.

In fact, I would venture to say this last week has been down right rough for this little guy.

Between dealing with a cold and not sleeping well because of that and not knowing why he feels so miserable but just knows he is uncomfortable, what could possibly be worse?

I can tell you.


The other night, Preston would wake hourly and scream and only go back to sleep if one of us was there. It was a long tiring night for us all.

The next morning, after we took turns sleeping in (while the other watched Preston) we were finally all caught up on our sleep. Preston was in good spirits, and Will noticed while getting him to giggle the reason why he had not slept very well.

He had two tiny little white front teeth poking through his puffy gums. They weren't there the day before I can tell you that. Poor guy, no wonder he had such a rough night.

But now that those puppies have poked through, he is back to normal...

Having good days where he is discovering the world

As well as himself.


Kate said...

You get the most perfect pictures of him! I LOVE the one where he's pointing to his teeth! I'm glad he's better after cutting those sharp teeth. He is too cute. And congrats on being so productive too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats on all you got done-that always feels so good when the planets align and everything comes together in those moments where you get more down in a short time than you would all week! Congrats too for surviving teething-that is always lots of fun!(watch out for nursing!)
I can't wait for your album to come out. We were listening to your first album today and I told Andy the next time J. does a concert I want to go. He then said we should book her a concert here. I loved the idea and wondered if you would consider doing one here...I know we could get a good response-so give me a call or email and let's chat about it! :)

Brian & Veronica said...

I'm all caught up on your blog now Jen! i loved it ALL! you're amazing for accomplishing so much. you must work quickly and efficiently. you're sweet boy is SO handsome. Lucky to have such great parents. And will? Um, IRONMAN times a thousand! holy incredible. Go will. I'm rooting for you! And your album? I cannot WAIT to hear it. It's on my list of "to buy" so you let me know when it's out, and I'm there! ;)