Thursday, May 28, 2009

What would YOU name this song?

I've had this up on my Facebook page all day, and have been getting some great ideas...but not all of you are on Facebook. :) Will's not. I keep telling him that I know more goings-on of his family members than he does LOL...but oh well.

Anyway - I'll get to the point...

The video below showcases one of my songs going on the upcoming album (The Lullaby Album). It's actually my very very last song that I am working on right now. We are so close to being finished with this album....but I need your help.

See, part of the reason why this one is still not done is the name. Currently it's called "Baby's Dream Waltz", which I personally love,'s not a waltz. The meter is in 4/4 and I'm afraid the music purists out there will utterly scrutinize me and tell me I have no clue what a waltz is, yaddi-yaddi-yadda. Even though the way the beats fall in the 4/4 meter it resembles a waltz closely, it's still not. Waltzes are in 3/4.

I don't want to be forever explaining why I named it a waltz when it is indeed not a waltz.

I will give a free copy of the upcoming album to the person who comes up with a new name for the song. If I choose it. From my Facebook page, as of right now the following ideas have already been presented:

Baby's Dream Lullaby

Baby's Dream Dance

Baby's Dream Opus

Faltz Waltz (yes that one was a joke by the way)

Baby's Dream

Baby's First Sonata

Baby's First Dream

Peaceful Dance

Peaceful Dream

Dream Delight

Baby's Dream

Babies Dream

Peaceful Dreams

Waltzanata (yes another joke)

Lullaby Aire

Waltzing Dream

Cradle Waltz.

Music composed and performed by Jenni Thomas

from the upcoming album "The Lullaby Album" © 2009 Tickled Ivory Music (ASCAP)

Photography by Ron Southworth


Annalea said...

Preston's Song

You have a Will's Song, so it's only fitting. :o)

And I love the slideshow you put with it. Best of luck picking a name!

NelsonFam said...

How about Sweet Dreams or Sweet Dreams Baby.

Carolyn said...

Dad suggested "Counting Sheep". I still like "Baby's Dream Waltz'.....heck with what any purist musician has to say about it! (There's always someone who things they know it all anyway.)

Jenni said...

LOL dangitt I should have mentioned that "Preston's Song" is already on the album and it's official title is "Baby of Mine (Preston's Song)". And then we also have another song on the album (one of my mom's) called "Sweet Dreams", not to mention I have a song on my debut album called "Suite Dreams".

Hahaha, so Annalea and Laura you must think like us because we've already got those titles on there. :) Great ideas though.

A music reviewer on Facebook thought of "Dancing Into the World". Hmmmmm.

Bri said...

Hey Jenni!! I have been loving seeing what you guys have been up to and listening to your new songs!! LOVE Them by the way!! I know I have been kinda a silent follower lately...anyways I love this reminds me of sleepwalking awake, but not about: Dream Walk??? I don't really know, you're the professional! :) Hope to see you guys soon!

Janna G said...

I say name it what you want. I am with your mom on that one. But If you do intend on changing it hear are some of my thoughts

Graceful Vision
Still Slumber, Slumber Still
Tranquil visions
Serene Slumber
Flowing dreams
Dancing Dreams
Peaceful Slumber
Dream Serenity

I hope more than one idea is ok

Melissa said...

Its a beautiful song! I'm listening to it for the third (make that fourth!) time right now! How about:

Daydream Ballet or Baby's Daydream Ballet


Baby's Daydream Fantasy (or vision)

Good luck! (and yes it does sound like a Waltz especially the beginning)

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I really like your Dad's idea

"counting sheep"

I also like Melissa's idea of Daydream Ballet

But my idea for a tittle comes with a story. When I heard your song I pictured a mother dancing with a baby in a quiet nursery room but as the tempo increased in the middle of the song (about one minute into the song)I could see the baby grow into a fine young man, find a lady and be married. Then the tempo slows down again around 1:43). And before the boy went to live happily ever after he took his mother by the hand to dance one more time.

When James was a little boy and liked something a lot he would ask "One more time again." and then with puppy eyes say "please." it seemed to work.
So I like the tittle "One more time again"

PS. When I was listening to your song, Gwenevere started to sing. I thought it was so cute to I played the song again and she same some more. She loves your music and I can't wait to buy her your CD.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

okay so we are listening to your song again, Gwenevere, Tessha, Mom and I. Gwenevere really does love your song. My mom says this song reminds her of "Tiny fingers, tinny toes". And Tessha said the song reminds her of the stairs coming out at night. But we can't really think of a good tittle except for "stairs awaking"

Seth Thomas said...

OK..I've got the perfect's "The Dance of the Sugar Plum....." uh....ok....maybe not. I actually thought of the Mobile you hang above a babies crip so my title pick would be "Revolving Dreams"

carlen said...

What a fun idea! We keep listening to this over and over because it is so lovely . . . and because Chloe and I are brainstorming to come up with the perfect name. Here are the ones we thought of:

Tip-Toe Sonata
Tip-Toe Lullaby
Newborn Dream
Dancing Pixies' Lullaby
Rhythm of a Baby's Dream

Good luck! We absolutely cannot wait until the release of your album!

Karen said...

I started swaying with Tate in my arms so I'd call it the "Sway Song" because I don't "waltz" with 25 lb baby in my arms..I sway!! OK That's MY joke name. I'd really suggest "Lovely Lullaby" because it truly is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I had 2 thoughts for the name. First I have to say I love it and I can't wait for your album.

I know you have on the cd already Preston's song but what about Preston's Lullaby? If that is too close...

The other thought I had while listening to it was when we were trying to get pregnant with Joe I loved the phrase "starlight, starbright...I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight." Because having a baby was all that I was wishing for. :)

So you could do Starlight, Starbright" or "I wish I may, I wish I might." The last idea I had could be something like "Lullaby Wishes" or "Baby Dreams."

I hope one of those wins! love-N