Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Concerts, Parties, and Pianos

Christmas time is a busy, busy, busy time of year to be a musician.

It's like all year long you get to ho-hum along and then WHAM Christmas time comes and then all of a sudden everyone wants you to play for the Messiah, do Christmas concerts, do solos in church, recitals, come out with a Christmas album.


So with that said, this past week was exactly that for me. Only today did I just re-emerge from the submersion of the vast deep musical depths we call Christmas time. It's all good mind you, but just really busy.

To start last week, there was my Student Masterclass/Party/Dress Rehearsal/GameNight. Here were a few of my victims. Er, uh, I mean students.

Those cookies you see them so delightfully and creatively decorating were the result of me trying 3 different sugar cookie recipes. Which took all of Monday night and Tuesday morning to finish. If you want to know which recipe I liked the best, you can go here.

Wednesday night I had an orchestra rehearsal at the church, as I so ambitiously put together a ward string orchestra to perform in church next Sunday. We have been rehearsing once a week since mid-November and it's coming together quite nicely if I do say so.

Thursday I spent about 3 hours on the phone on a conference call with an amazing musician that I will be collaborating with this next year. We chit-chatted. We talked about our kids who are almost the same age. And we talked shop. I stayed in my pajamas all that day. It was good times.

Friday the craziness continued...

It started with me baking a piano shaped cake for that night's recital.

I also typed up programs, bio notes, went to the store, made phone calls, and did some last minute rehearsing with a couple of my students. Only to be delightfully occassionally interrupted by this cute little guy...

I didn't get any pictures, but Friday night was my Student Recital. Out of my 17 students, I had 12 of them perform in the recital. They all did WONDERFUL and it was such a lovely night. I'm so thankful to the Yoses for opening up their beautiful home for the recital. And to top it off, I was so surprised to get a few gifts from my students including treble clef shaped Christmas tree ornaments, a dozen red roses, a necklace, and mint M&M's.

So sweet.

Saturday morning came early, as I was up at 7am and drove an hour north to a dress rehearsal for Sunday night's Christmas concert. I have to say, I had played better. Luckily though, my performances on both Saturday and Sunday night were flawless.

I also soloed in church on Sunday.

Do you want to know everyone's favorite part?

It was when I went to lift the piano lid to put it up, and didn't realize there was a stack of choir folders sitting on top of the piano. CRASH!!! If there was anyone asleep in the congregation they were rudely awaken. I turned and flashed a very embarrassed cheesy smile to the audience, where after I performed. A bit jolted from my fumble, but I think I played okay nonetheless.

Sunday night I performed Carol of the Bells with a fantastic church choir(as pictured above).

I would like to call it a Choir-G. Winston-J. Thomas-George-Choir Sandwich. The song (as you can hear and see in the video below) started with me playing my own original intro (not in the video cuz I edited it for timesake), then the choir came in with the original version of Carol of the Bells, then I came in with the intro to the G. Winston version of the song, then chopped out his and added in my own original work on the piece, then reverted back to GW, and then at the end with the choir.

It was awesome.

Here is me in front of our piano after Sunday night's concert. I figured it would be one of the last times I would get to wear this fancy dress for a bit, so why not take a few pictures in it?

I was lucky enough to find this modest Calvin Klein dress at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago and finally had an excuse to wear it.

I love it. I felt very elegant in it.

And here was me after my week was all overwith....

I want to thank Will who played single parent much of the week. I don't know what I would have done without him. He came to all of my performances even if he did spend half of each in the hallways with Preston.

If you want to hear a little of my Carol of the Bells....here it is for your viewing pleasure. Sorry about the audio quality. It was just our little digital camera.


Marissa and Scott said...

So beautiful! Love the dress, love the music. :)

Will Thomas said...

Jenni failed to mention that she spent the 1st half of her Sunday evening Carol of the Bells concert chasing Preston around in the foyer and hallways, only to come in, pass Preston to Grandpa, then head up and perform Carol of the Bells. That's the ultimate Mommy/Musician.

Dan Thomas said...

Very good as usual.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Wow, Jenni you are so amazing. I don't think i could do all that you do even if I had all your talents. Way to go Jenni.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

oh and i totally forgot to mention. I LOVE YOUR DRESS! You look soooooo good.

Loralai's Mommy said...

Jenni you are so talented. You gave me goose bumps just listening to you play on the clip! You look amazing in your dress! Merry Christmas.